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  1. Pick 2 WRs to start this week

    Mclaurin because hes shown he can hang. and probably Woods.
  2. Lamar + lockett Trade Help

    Yeah im not usually big for combos like this either but I feel like im getting a lot of value. I'm just not sure Cooper can make it through a full year without any injuries
  3. Trade Devonte Freeman for Tyler Boyd

    Youre stacked at WR , I would hold
  4. WDIS

    Jax was terrible against TEs last year. Gesicki
  5. Herbert or Minshew ROS?

    What they said. Dude is really doing good so far
  6. Current team QB Tom Brady , Matt RyanRB Aaron jonesRB Ekeler , K hunt , j. kellyTE Goedert , Smith , GesickiWR Amari CooperWR DJ moore, Scary Terry, gage, I am being offered Lamar + lockett for my Cooper and Kelly. What do you guys think?
  7. Having some last minute thoughts on adding a TE from waivers. I currently have Engram and Goedert. Should I drop Engram for Husrt/smith or stick with what I got?
  8. Who to Start as my Flex in a .5 PPR League

    With Thomas out Im going Cook which is weird for me because I usually am very weary of starting TEs in FLEX. MT received such a huge target share though so I think its gotta go somewhere..
  9. Trade Offer

    For instance, in my 10 man PPR league herndon, jonnu, fant, hockenson, gesicki, thomas, graham are all available. Not sure what your waiver is looking like but there are for sure some good streaming options in there
  10. Trade Offer

    I would for sure decline. I would want to see what robinson has in store first before selling. Waller is nice too and in a 10 man league im sure you can find a good stream for wallers bye week.
  11. Who flexes: Conner, Kupp or Hines?

    I like the idea of hines, but I dont think you could go wrong with either of them
  12. If you had this team..

    I agree. Now after week three if he still is siting at under 10 receptions.. I might be a little worried but we'll see. Do you think I should be grabbing anyone off the wire? ^ 2 posts up
  13. If you had this team..

    You dont think I would be selling low on Ekeler? Im personally not worried as of yet at least about his usage. 19 carries is pretty good and Im sure theyre going to get him more passes seeing as hes such a good receiving back. Maybe a sell high on Hunt and package with campbell or mclaurin for an upgraded FLEX / rb2? Not sure who to target though
  14. If you had this team..

    Waiver choices are looking like: Adrian peterson Lat murray Peyton barber Josh kelly Benny snell Scotty miller T. smith with MT out Corey Davis Perriman
  15. Lineup questions, need input

    Jones Juju Gallup Hill robinson conner and sanders