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  1. Big trade. Thoughts?

    Depends on your team. Do you need a WR pretty bad? I do like how many starters the 2nd trade has in it vs the 1st trade.
  2. Chark is going against a top passing defense so Im not sure how effective he will be. Definitely a hard decision but I think i'd personally go JuJu
  3. TE? Graham or Olsen ppr

    Go graham because adams is out.
  4. Who to start at TE?

  5. Quick FLEX question

    I have marlon mack in my flex now.. I also have hines on my bench or the option to move waller to FLEX and eifert to my TE spot. Also on my bench: Mike williams, Chark, Geronimo allison, Robinson. What do yall think?
  6. Trade help!

    Are you saying you would only sell or buy ekeler if you had Gordon. Sorry just confused on the context of how you said that haha
  7. Trade help!

    Because Gordon is coming back and Jones is at the top of the backfield on GB? just my thought. Plus olson really isnt bad Hell im even stuck on wether or not I should do it.. I could just hold onto jones because he has some easier matchups coming. Do you really think this trade is that much in my favor?
  8. Trade help!

    I also have the option of receiving Freeman over Ekeler. But im really not sure how I'm liking freeman this year. I think I like ekeler even with gordon back better than freeman
  9. Trade help!

    I think he has more of a share than he did last year. And hes a receiving back, this is a PPR league I also think Waller will be receiving a lot more than Olson will throughout the season.
  10. Trade help!

    Trying to get waller from this dude.. I'm asking Ekeler and Waller for Olson and Aaron jones. My team right now should be in my signature. Do you think I should do it?
  11. Trade Mike Williams for Vance McDonald?

    Well my assumption is that he doesnt have any other TEs on his bench. Giving up a (somewhat) valuable position in Vance for someone who might ride his bench or has a chance to not produce in my eyes might not be worth it (going to the waiver for a TE can be scary especially in deep leagues). But he could have very well been talking about it from your side of the trade. Does the person with vance need a WR2 or flex bad and is williams a definite upgrade?
  12. Trade Mike Williams for Vance McDonald?

    I'm assuming if he had Vance, because if i had vance I wouldnt do it either. But definitely worth a shot
  13. Hockenson or Howard?

    Hocks upside if way higher than howards. I wouldnt put in howard until he starts doing better
  14. Kamara for hopkins or Adams

    Yeah go for it. Dont really think you can go wrong with either of them but I'd rather have adams