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  1. Who do I drop??

    I would rather drop Pittsburgh's defense than any of the players on your bench
  2. WDIS @ Flex PPR

    Should I start Gallup (vs CLE), McKinnon (vs PHI), Gage (vs GB), or Gaskin (vs SEA)? I am currently leaning Gallup just based off of matchups and the Dallas Cleveland game has a line of 56 points, but he is also very hit or miss so I am wondering what you guys think
  3. What to do with Gallup?

    If Gallup goes quiet this game, who should I go for between Swift or Dobbins? I already have Lamar and Andrews so I am kinda leaning towards Swift but I want your input.
  4. What to do with Gallup?

    What should I do with Gallup? It seems like Ceedee has taken his spot and I don't know if I should try to trade him or wait him out? I have capable depth to be able to wait it out but I don't want to wait too late and get nothing for him. I have trade offers for him (Swift or Dobbins)
  5. WDIS WR

    Who do I start between Robert Woods (vs BUF), Michael Gallup (vs SEA), or Russell Gage (vs. CHI)?
  6. Chubb trade targets

    Thanks guys for the input. I decided to keep Chubb with the injury fiasco that happened this week :(. However, I have another question. I was just offered a trade of Kareem hunt for Hayden Hurst. With me already having Chubb I am not too sure about it but with me in need of another running back, I figured I could get yall's input. He also offered the same trade but for Joe Mixon so which one do y'all think is best for me if y'all suggest accepting at all?
  7. Chubb trade targets

    I want to sell high on Nick Chubb so I want to know who y'all think I should try to trade for (basically what part of my team is the weakest) 10 team full PPR QB- Lamar Jackson RB- CMC, Chubb, Mostert, Ronald Jones III, Malcom Brown WR- Woods, Gallup, Metcalf, Watkins, Shepard TE- Andrews, Hurst
  8. Big Gurley Trade

    So the Zeke owner is offering a trade that would take place after this week. He is offering Zeke and Burkhead for Gurley and Fournette. I have the RB depth to do the trade with Gordon coming back and Singletary getting healthy again. Thoughts?
  9. Need to bench 1

    Carson and Fuller
  10. Melvin Gordon Holdout to end, he could join this week

    I also traded away Ekeler and received Julio Jones after a guy needed a RB and saw his production week 1 lol. Also had Melvin Gordon on my bench so things are looking up for me
  11. WDIS QB

    Do I start Brady vs. BUF or do I pick up Stafford vs. KC?
  12. Waivers Tonight! Pick up Gordon?

    Out of those four, I would probably go either Montgomery or Freeman
  13. Shouls I trade hopkins?

    Don't trade away Hopkins. I would rather have him than 2 of any of those players. Try to see what you can get with John Ross with AJ Green coming back soon.
  14. Melvin Gordon update

  15. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    It does seem like you're overpaying for him. I got him in my league for Kenyon Drake.