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  1. Which WR do I Flex?

    .5 PPR Gallup @Det Crowder @ Wash
  2. I’m dropping Goedert out of those 3 .. I like the other 2 players upside more
  3. I don’t get it.. you own all 3 of those guys?
  4. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Let’s say I wanted to go Fells Hollister which 2 would drop off my roster
  5. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    I’d like to do that but I don’t think Hollister will clear waivers next week, I have last waiver priority
  6. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    That’s my plan but would have to drop crowder and cooks to do it .. what do you think?
  7. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    It would be for week 11 Only who ever I pick up this week I would drop and use Hollister till Hooper gets back
  8. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Should I stash Hollister this week for next week?
  9. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Should I drop to 2 players for 2 TEs this week? To stash Hollister for next week? I’m thinking crowder cooks?
  10. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Or Ebron/Hollister
  11. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Would you drop cooks and crowder for goebert and Hollister? I feel like I’m stacked at WR
  12. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Howard is owned in my league .. what do you think I should do?
  13. I have Hooper and need to grab a TE. I like Hollister but he is on a bye this week so I need help picking one up also don’t know who to drop. Please help! I would love to get a TE for this week and Hollister before next week bc I know he won’t clear waivers next week. Hunter Henry is on bye next week and I know his owner will grab Hollister and he has a high waiver priority then me. My Team Dak Winston Carson Cook D. Williams Guice Hopkins Godwin Gallup Crowder Westbrook Hooper Avaliable TE Ebron Fant Fells Goebert Hollister (bye) can I afford to drop 2 guys from my team for 2 TEs ... or am I over reacting to getting Hollister? He has a good matchup coming up against Arizona and they seem to target him in the red zone.
  14. Rank these WR ROS

  15. Rank these WR ROS

    PPR Dede Westbrook Crowder Cooks