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  1. Fantasy Playoff League

    how’s this look? Lamar Ingram Kamara Thomas T Hill E Sanders Kelce Kittle Mostert Tucker Balt
  2. Fantasy Playoff League

    Thanks for your help I see what your saying
  3. Fantasy Playoff League

    Like I said this is my first time doing on of these... what kind of line up would you suggest ... take all Baltimore player?
  4. Fantasy Playoff League

    Yes ... Once a team loses I lose whatever player I have on that team and spot stays empty
  5. Fantasy Playoff League

    So are you saying I should pick more player on the same team rather then spreading it out?
  6. Fantasy Playoff League

    Here’s What I’m thinking would you make any changes? Any player from any team L Jackson KamaraMostert D Adams M ThomasTyreek Hill Kelce Kittle LutzNiners
  7. Pick my QB

    Holmes Brees Or Jackson? Pick 1 basically who gonna play the most games and make it the furthest?
  8. This is my first time doing one of these... basically pick any player from any team in fill a roster.... I’ve never done one of these before any advice or strategy? Once your players team has lost that roster spot stay empty
  9. I was thinking the same thing I grabbed Hollister when Hooper went down for this week against Arizona in case hooper never made it back from his injury
  10. What’s everyone doing with the cowboys WR? With Daks injury will they be running more then passing? Gallup kinda worries me also have to watch the Vikings RB situation but this is the line up I have set right now
  11. Up 27 am I going to the championship?

    Coach Mike Zimmer said "Yeah, it feels good today" when asked whether Dalvin Cook (shoulder) could play through his injury. Zimmer added, "I think there wasn’t any issue with him. There were probably a couple of times we could have gotten the ball to him more." It sounds like Cook will be good to go for the Vikings' Week 16 matchup against the Packers. The status of Alexander Mattison (ankle) remains unclear, meaning Mike Boone and to a lesser extent Ameer Abdullah are the handcuffs to own. Note that the Vikings play on Monday night, so be sure to have a backup plan if Cook is ultimately ruled out.
  12. Up 27 am I going to the championship?

    I only know what I read man
  13. Up 27 am I going to the championship?

    I read on Rotoworld that cook has a chance to play the tough part is he play Monday night so if he’s a late inactive that would suck
  14. Up 27 am I going to the championship?

    I gallup over slayton this week that back fired this week