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  1. Im Better Business Burrow, and for reference the guy is brand new to fantasy football he doesn't even watch. Do you think the trade is good for me? Do you think he'll accept it?
  2. Injury ravaged and I need 2 flex plays!!!

    I only had 2, but at the end of my draft there weren’t any skill players I was particularly interested in so I took a flyer on Goedert
  3. WDIS @ Flex?

    Depends if it’s PPR or not... if it is I’d go Conner & Aiyuk if not Conner & Williams
  4. Choose one WR to start

    I’d probably go for either Gallup or T.Y. both have very advantageous matchups this week. With the slight advantage to Hilton.
  5. Flex Options

    I think Campbell is your best option out of those 3. Pittsburgh has allowed only 1 RB to go over 14 pts since the start of 2019 (Kareem Hunt) and only 5 rushing tds in that span. Sit Gordon. Devante Parker is nursing a nagging Hamstring injury and even if he does play will be shadowed by Tredavious White. Sit Parker. But keep an eye on waivers, if Benny Snell or Russell Gage are out there I recommend adding them both are good starts this week in a pinch.
  6. So at the moment 2 of my best WRs are not going to play this week in Mike Thomas and AJ Brown. Luckily I have Mike Evans and Keenan Allen to fill in. But that still leaves me with 2 flex spots to fill. I have a plethora of good TEs and I’m thinking of starting one in the flex this week. Here are my options and you can let me know what you think. TE: FLEX: FLEX: Dallas Goedert (TE) vs. LAR Noah Fant (TE) vs. PIT Jonnu Smith (TE) vs. JAX Julian Edelman (WR) vs. SEA Devante Parker (WR) vs. BUF Mark Ingram II (RB) vs. HOU Malcolm Brown (RB) vs. PHI James White (RB) vs. SEA Tarik Cohen (RB) vs. NYG
  7. So I’m not a very creative person to be honest, but I’d like someone’s help with a name seeing as I’ve been 2nd place in this league for 3 straight years. It’s pretty much the running joke of our league lol.
  8. 2 of 3

    How can you guys sit Ekeler after these performances?
  9. 2 of 3

    Austin Ekeler Melvin Gordon Raheem Mostert
  10. Who won the trade deal

    Mahomes and Sanu wins. If you're the team that has Mahomes you shouldn't downgrade at qb for wr depth, you have plenty. You would be better off trying to trade Diggs for a starting RB.
  11. Who wins the trade?

    Chris Carson & Alexander Mattison for Jamison Crowder & Austin Ekeler
  12. Trade Diggs now???

    I have trade ideas for two of my opponents let me know what you think of each. Stefon Diggs for Cooper Kupp Stefon Diggs & Melvin Gordon For Derrick Henry & Mohammed Sanu PS I also have Ekeler I could use for the second trade
  13. Trying to trade

    I can't see his roster, but it looks like he's solid enough at RB to holdout on Gordon's return... He won't give him up easily, like @Shaft said you may need to pay up if you really want him.
  14. I'm really just spit balling here, there's been reports Melvin Gordon will be back around midseason and I just happen to have him added from FA. My receivers have been extremely disappointing so far except for Marvin Jones Jr. who I left on my bench this week. A trade I came up with that might work is: Austin Ekeler + Stefon Diggs for Adam Thielen + Phillip Lindsay If you have any other trade suggestions please let me know! I'll leave pics of our rosters below just ignore the IDP players.