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  1. So I don't think I would even accept this trade but I just floated out the idea of trading D. Adams, Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper for McCaffrey and the two players he drops (likely Hunt and Sutton). He said he is considering it but doesn't know if he wants to deal CMC. It's a .5 PPR, 10 team team is in my sig and his team is as follows: RB - CMC RB - D. Williams FLEX - Michel WR - JuJu WR - Hilton TE - Howard BE - Sutton BE - Vikings BE - Hunt BE - Boyd BE - Shep What do you guys think?
  2. Gallup or John Brown?

    I really like John Brown mainly due to their schedule. He gets to play Miami twice, NYG next week (awful pass D), Cincy the following week (awful pass D), and they play the Patriots twice which isn't a bad thing since they'll be getting smoked by the 2nd quarter and will have to throw 40+ times presenting the opportunity for some nice garbage points.
  3. Week 2 Waiver wire, who are you targeting

    I really like John Brown mainly due to their schedule. He gets to play Miami twice, NYG next week (awful pass D), Cincy the following week (awful pass D), and they play the Patriots twice which isn't a bad thing since they'll be getting smoked by the 2nd quarter and will have to throw 40+ times presenting the opportunity for some nice garbage points. Also really like Metcalf as he had the most targets for their WRs and was on the field running a route on 22 of the 24 pass plays Seattle ran. And while they obviously will be a run first team, they also are destined to be ~8-8 and will definitely be forced to throw a lot more than 24 times when they play the Rams (twice), New Orleans, Steelers and ATL (ATL is at home). After those two, Ross would be my next choice but I still don't know if I trust him (of course he had a monster line but he had a couple huge drops Sunday which has always been an issue for him) and A.J. Green should be back around week 4-5ish. With Green back it's going to be tough IMO for him to put up consistent numbers with Boyd in the fold too. Hardman is a potential streaming option while Hill is out but don't think I would use a waiver position or waiver budget on him. Don't know much about Chark so can't comment on him although FWIW the Chiefs D sucks and can boost any WRs numbers. Also don't have much knowledge or opinion on McLaurin. The one I would definitely avoid spending a lot/using a high waiver position on is Hollywood Brown...the man played 14 snaps and played a team that I wouldn't even bet to beat Clemson or Alabama. 31 of the Dolphins on their roster are new and weren't on their team last year...they are actively trying to tank. In other words, I wouldn't put any stock in that game and the Ravens are going to be a very run heavy team IMO. You're risking getting a goose egg IMO if you start him next week. As for the RBs, I'd probably say Brown and Jones are a toss up with Hyde a distant third.
  4. Don't do it. As someone mentioned above though I would definitely trade Henry if you can get good value. Last year he was the king of putting up either 3 points or 25 and even though they handled the Browns (vastly overrated, can't believe people were picking them as potential SB contenders) I think they are going to be bad. Do you think you could get someone like Amari Cooper or Robert Woods straight up for Henry? Or maybe package him and Edelman for a stud WR?
  5. Agreed with this...I think Carson is going to be a top 15-20 pick next year. That being said, no chance I'm doing either trade.
  6. Please rank these WR's for me! .5 PPR

    I'd probably go Crowder to but it's hard to get excited given they were playing the awful Bills. They just got Demaryius Thomas too. Out of the trio Marquise Brown is obviously the most talented but he's going to be an extreme boom or bust candidate. That being said, if you need someone to start for you in week 2, he's playing ARI so he could easily go off again.
  7. Cooper was on a 140 target, 100 catch pace last year after joining the Cowboys. David Johnson is one of the best receiving RBs in the league and consistently catches a ton of balls...why would you not do it in PPR?
  8. You're the only one that gets it...
  9. Can't believe this many people are choosing the Hopkins side...last year with the Cowboys Cooper had 76 targets and a line of 53/725/6 in 9 games (that includes week 17 which didn't even matter and he only had 31 yards during FYI). Take out the meaningless week 17 and that's a pace of 100/1388/12...and all of that even with the fact he came over mid season, didn't know the playbook and didn't have time to build chemistry with Dak. Fast forward to this year...he's in a contract year and looking for big money, the offensive line is fully healthy (missing Frederick was huge for pass protection), and they finally replaced the old, outdated OC who never adjusted to the new NFL a young, new OC who realizes the NFL is a pass first league. If you watched the Cowboys game this past week you would realize this. IMO you are crazy if you don't take that deal and the people above who said otherwise are as well. Did they not watch David M get a WHOPPING six carries and Mike Davis out touch him? I really liked Lockett coming into the year and have him on my team but this week was extremely disappointing with him getting on two targets (looks like last year all over again) and those weren't until the 4th quarter...and he had a fantastic match up against one of the worst pass Ds in the league at home.
  10. Trade Offer

    I like Walller more now without AB
  11. I’m in a 10 teamed 0.5 PPR and I have too many WR so I would like to trade a couple for either another stud WR, some RB depth or upgrade my RB2 (Aaron Jones). Unfortunately don’t think the latter is an option as not many people in my league are high on Jones (I like him a lot). That being said there aren’t many teams that are willing to trade in general so it pretty much leaves me with one team option who just lost Hill and was already weak at WR (his only healthy ones are Robby Anderson and Marvin Jones) and heavy at RB. I have Adams, Cooper, J.Gordon, Golladay, Tyrell Williams and Lockett (can only start 2 WR and a flex). He has Zeke, Ingram, Ekeler, and Fournette. I’m thinking of offering either: Adams and Gordon for Zeke Or Gordon, A. Jones and Golladay for Tyreek Hill and Ingram (IMO he’s safer than Jones) Do you guys think these are fair or am I giving up too much/little?
  12. Week 1 waiver wire options

    Thanks guys really appreciate it, I had a $16 bid in for Hockenson and was planning on getting Mattison (he should be cheap) as well so fully agree with y’all! I think I may up Hockenson’s bid up to $21 upon further consideration. Edit: Not going over $21 though for him so if I lose out on him what are y’alls thoughts on Mark Andrews? Thinking about bidding ~$7-$12 for him in case I lose Hock...
  13. Yeah, I like Andrews as well and would be all over him if I didn't have Engram (IMO if he is healthy this year he will be a top 2-3 TE now that Odell is gone). It's Hollywood Brown that I think people are going to over pay for and then be highly disappointed...
  14. No, only three teams have two QBs (Goff, Brees and Murray are the backups on these benches) and given how many attractive WR/TE/RBs they are on waivers right now I don't see anyone trying to add a QB...if anything one of those three will be dropped. The only other team that may be looking for a QB has Newton but his team tanked in week 1 (he had Robbu Anderson starting as WR2 and his WR1 was Tyreek Hill who is now going to be out a few other words I don't think there will be much competition (I think someone may put in a bid for Lamar due to his upside so I plan on bidding maybe ~$5 for him and if I lose him then I'll just pick up Rivers for $1-$2). But I am with you, I'd like to have Lamar all things equal...