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  1. Deja Vu: Randy Moss/Mike Williams

    My bad, I was considering Woodson as both.
  2. Remember when Moss fell in his draft behind 2 receivers. Williams will be the same story. Can you name the 2 drafted before Moss without looking at anything??
  3. Madden

    Tecmo Bowl Rules.
  4. Bettis or Bennet?

    Bettis vs Baltimore Bennet vs GB
  5. I'm in the super bowl this week and while I wouldn't do an even split, I would change what we each receive. Either way there still is a winner for bragging rights no matter if the pot is split. Last year the final 2 went 50/50. This year it's $1500 for 1st and $1000 for second. $2500 pot. We are going to make it $1300 for 1st and $1200 for 2nd. Not a bad idea and there is still something to play for.
  6. LT2

    ***onhimor could have let him get 100 before doing this.
  7. Strategy - Play your studs!

    Sit Duece vs TB
  8. Pick 2/3 rb's

    Performance scoring. THANKS
  9. QB help...

    I'd pickup and start Griese
  10. Big RB Question

    Droughns and Jones
  11. WDIS? Pick 2 RB's

    Performance scoring. I'm leaning towards Bettis and Johnson but O Smith has big play potential.
  12. Hey Manning Bashers/ How about greedy CPEP?

    EXACTLY. Why wouldn't they hand of then.
  13. 1st and goal from the 2 and 3 straight passes. O SMith had a 26 yd run to get them there. 1st and goal from the 4- INT. Is this a greedy QB or a dumb coach?