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  1. A n00b question

    Getting this discussion back on track, I was just wondering how many of you guys play in leagues where kickers -lose- points for missing FGs and extra points? The shorter the FG missed, the more points deducted, so on and so forth. I have that in one of my leagues, and I must say it's forced me to give slightly more thought to my kicker selection.
  2. Here's one for you..

    Palmer against the dynamic Chi D or Griese against the poor GB D? It's your classic great QB against a great D vs 'decent' QB against a poor D. Whadya think?
  3. I am STARTING KROB this week

    With Burleson out, my bets are all on Travis. So far he has shown the most chemistry with Cornpopper.
  4. Trade help

    You can try it, but I doubt the Moss owner will bite.
  5. Which mediocre D for week 3?

    Looks like the concensus is the Seattle D. Thanks guys!
  6. Which mediocre D for week 3?

  7. Note that points allowed is not a factor -- I have the Giants and Cin on my roster right now, and if I had to start one today it would probably be Cinncinati. The Ari-Sea matchup intrigues me, though. Thoughts?
  8. WDIS - Last minute opinions

    Ouch. Driver, and Kennison just a tad over Lelie.
  9. Jordan or Caddy?

    What he said.
  10. D. Bennett or K. Curtis

    I would actually be tempted to go with Curtis this week.
  11. Take your pick/s

    Nope, I'm taking down Zooty's Zepplins this week. Thanks everyone!
  12. Take your pick/s

    Anyone else? help?
  13. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Hugh1, I have these WDISs in another thread, what's your opinion?
  14. Handcuff?

    Assuming you only need to start 2 backs, I'd hold on to JJ for now. You have good depth now, don't trade it in to handcuff backs on a mediocre running team.
  15. Take your pick/s

    There are a few decisions which I need to make in some of my leagues (below), I might already be leaning one way or another, but would appreciate it if you can give me your opinion. 1) WR/RB: Carnell (Buf), R.Williams (@Chi) or LarryJ (@Oak) Carnell's hot but up against a tough D, Williams is on a cold O and against a tough D, and LarryK is hot, up against a weak D but only getting a few carries. At this point I'm leaning towards Carnell or LarryJ. I expect half of you will say "always start the #1 back (Carne) over the #2 back (Diapers)", and the other half will say that Larry will tear Oakland's D apart whenever he gets the chance. But does anyone have insight on any other factors I am neglecting to consider here? 2) WR/RB: Chester (@Ten), G.Lewis (SF), M.Williams (@Chi) This one is from loaf's 16-teamer. Is Jamal still banged up enough to lose some carries to Chester against a week Ten D? Or are either Lewis or Williams better bets? I read somewhere that Mora wants to involve Williams in more plays this week. True? I think I'm leaning towards Lewis or Williams here. 3) TE: Troupe (Bal) or D.Clark (Jac) This is a toughy. Both are banged up, sorta. You'd imagine Troupe is going to get a lot of dumped passes against Bal, and as for Clark, well, he's on Peyton's team. Leaning towards Troupe... 4) TE: Pollard (@Chi) or B.Franks (Cle) Again with the dumped passes (Pollard). Bubba has a nice matchup but is the GB/Favre passing game going to rebound from last week's fiasco? Leaning towards Pollard at this very moment... 5) DEF: Bal (@Ten) or Buf (@TB) Some say Bal is #1, and others say Buf is #1. This is a confusing choice, but I think I'm leaning towards Bal right now... 6) QB: Griese (Buf), Bledsoe (Was), Frerotte (@NYJ) I know, I know, yuck. How would you rank these guys 1-2-3 this week? I suspect most of you will choose Griese/Bledsoe over Frerotte, right? Thanks!