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  1. Right now I have Juju, Mixon and Watkins in my lineup.  Not feeling great about Juju before the injury with Rudolph and probably some coverage from Jalen Ramsey.   Should I take Juju out, move Watkins up to WR and put Hunt in at flex?  Or take Mixon out and put Hunt at RB?  Or leave it how it is?  Not feeling good about any option really, but trying to make the best out of crap choices.  14 team full ppr


    edit- my other WR is Golladay, fml...

  2. Need to decide on my flex and rb  

    1st league, full ppr

    Barkley is my RB1.  Need to pick another RB and flex, so pick 2. 

    Coleman vs Sea

    Monty vs Det

    Samuels vs Rams

    Sanders vs Sea

    Hooper @NO

    2nd league, half ppr.  Need a flex and probably a WR with Thielen not looking good.  

    Ekeler @Chargers

    T Williams @ Chargers 

    G Tate @Nyj

    Ridley @NO


    thanks in advance


  3. Full ppr, need WR and flex.  I’m starting Adams as the other WR and had Sutton and Gallup as the other WR and flex.  But now with Shepard out for the Giants, I’m second guessing Tate.  Who would you start?  Pick 2


    Sutton vs Cle

    Gallup @Nyg

    G Tate vs Dal

  4. 14 team ppr.  Need to grab a TE to replace Hooper on a bye.  I waited until today because I was hoping Herndon would be active.  Which he is, but reports say he may be played sparingly.  Brate is available but questionable and a 3pm game.   Help me pick from this group still available.  

    Herndon or Griffin @Mia

    Brate @Sea

    Rudolph @KC

    Fant vs Cle

    Watson @Bal. 


  5. Half ppr league, need a flex


    Ekeler @Chi

    Jacobs @Hou

    Engram @Det 


    full ppr, can’t decide on WR and flex.  Pick 2 WR and a flex


    Robinson vs Chargers

    G Tate @Det

    Cooks vs Cin

    H Henry @Chi

    Stills vs Oak

    Ty Johnson vs NYG


    thanks in advance!

  6. Need to pick 2.   Actually pick 3 since it’s looking like Adams might not play.


    Gallup vs Phi

    Cooks @Atl

    Sutton vs KC

    G Tate vs Ari

    also, start Damien Williams tonight or take the chance Gurley.  If Gurley is out I’m stuck starting Montgomery.  Thanks

  7. 3 minutes ago, cade_hall said:

    I have monty and i think he has a chance. I've been watch analysts bash him but they all have no clue what they're talking about. It's Nage not giving him any touches. They trust Cohen more which is stupid because Monty has the ability. Nage just can't play call. I would keep him. 

    It’s hard for me as a Bears fan.  He’s been talked up so much and it’s been super disappointing.  I agree about Nagy.  It was the same last year with Jordan Howard.  He doesn’t seem to have a use for a bell cow rb, when he clearly needs to utilize the run game more with Trubisky as our QB.  

  8. I’m curious about this overall, but also for a specific team of mine.  10 team full ppr.  My bench this week is full of injuries and Monty on the bye.  I also played Gordon instead of Tate unfortunately.  As you can see I need a defense still and DJ Chark is available to pick up.  Monty and Brown are obviously the only 2 that I can drop.  Should I drop both to get a defense and Chark?  Or only 1 to get a defense for this week and who should be dropped?