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  1. RB help

    Who do I bench between Mack, Coleman, Ingram, and Samuels? Full PPR
  2. WR help

    Who to start between Golden Tate, Gallup, Woods, and Curtis Samuel? Full PPR
  3. Drop Ty Johnson for Kenyan Drake?
  4. Should I trade for Adams? If so, who should I offer? I'm 5-2 and he's 1-6 My Current Team. 8 Team Full PPR QB - Wentz, Stafford RB - McCaffrey, Conner, Aaron Jones, Royce Freeman WR - Keenan Allen, DJ Moore, Woods, McLaurin, Kirk, Golden Tate TE - Waller, Henry His Team QB - Garoppolo, Brees, Keenum RB - David Johnson, Montgomery, Ingram, Jordan Howard WR - Adams, Ridley, Crowder, Cooper, AJ Green TE - Walker, Burton
  5. Flex help

    Pick 2. Mixon, Ekeler, Latavius Murray, or Dede Westbrook? Full PPR
  6. McLaurin, Royce Freeman, Hunter Henry or Golden Tate at the flex this week? Full PPR I can also pick up Dorsett or Auden Tate.
  7. Start Royce Freeman or Matt Breida this week? Full PPR
  8. Trade Help

    If the trade is good enough. Yes
  9. Trade Help

    My Team. 8 Team PPR Qb- Wentz Rb- Kamara Rb- Mack Rb/Wr- Ingram Wr- Beckham Jr Wr- Edelman Te- Ertz Flex-Conner D- Pats Bench- Gallup, Tevin Coleman, James white, Michel, Golden Tate, Josh Allen, Latavius Murray I’m looking to trade for a decent WR since I have a bunch of running backs, but I’m not sure who to package or who to get. Any suggestions?
  10. Brown or Mixon?

    I could start him over Ekeler but idk if that’s the right play
  11. Brown or Mixon?

    Start Malcolm Brown over Joe Mixon after hearing Gurley might not play? Full PPR
  12. WR help

    Woods vs 49ers, Moore vs Bucs or McLaurin vs Dolphins this week? Full PPR
  13. Who do I start between Michel, James White, Tevin Coleman, Gallup, DJ Moore, and Drake? Full PPR
  14. Last minute help

    1. With McLaurin out do I start Woods, Kirk or D.J. Moore? Full PPR 2. Start Mixon over Woods at flex? (This is a different league) Full PPR