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  1. Need urgent WR help

    Lockett on BYE and possible out for an extended period of time. I grabbed Zack Pascal last week hoping that he would get #1 targets with Hilton out but didn't look good. Need to grab one of the below. HELP!
  2. Best TE to stream this Week

    I think I would go with Howard of those 4...don't expect much.
  3. Start or Sit??

  4. Another talented receiver bites the dust.
  5. Qb help

  6. Who wins Kamara trade....

    Kamara side wins.
  7. Tevin Coleman

    Coleman has a lot of upside tonight given the opponent and the health of the rest of the SF RBs.
  8. Kareem Hunt

    This is why he is avail.
  9. Pick 2 to start

    I would lean Jacobs and Carson but Coleman has a chance to post a big number tonight against a weak AZ def.
  10. I get the feeling that Conner will sit this weekend since Samuels is back practicing. Samuels is available on waivers and I don't have any good options at RB except Miles Sanders. Is Samuels worth a start this week?
  11. Who’s the best kicker?

    Lambo is nursing a groin injury. I like Tucker.
  12. Running Back decision tonight

    DJ likely won't play tonight. Both Breida and Wilson are question marks.You may want to look to waivers for some help.
  13. Trade advise

    Normally I would say do it because Kittle is a stud but it would leave you really thin at WR. I lean no.
  14. Bears D vs Steelers D

    Go with Pitt for the rest of the season. Good pressure and takeaways.
  15. James Conner Owners, grab and start Samuels?

    I need Smith this week since Hooper is out, will kick him to the curb next week. Leaning Sanders too...
  16. James Conner Owners, grab and start Samuels?

    @Montana is da Man would you drop Drew Brees or Miles Sanders to grab him? My roster is in my sig.
  17. I would go with Cousins. I think SF will run the ball with ease against my Cardinals and play with a lead meaning low points for a QB.
  18. Flex help

    I would stick with Sutton over Conley. Sutton is the clear #1 and young QBs like to lock in on a target or two.
  19. Take this trade, right?

    Click accept.