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  1. Tonight’s game

    What game. I didn’t know today was thursday
  2. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this weeks slaughtering I’m gonna get while my bench is slaughtered with inconsistencies and injuries.
  3. Fix my Flex

    Pascal or Brieda. I would probably say Breida out of the two but Pascal definitely if Jacoby starts.
  4. Pickup Ebron or McDonald?

    Jack Doyle is more consistent in my opinion. Get him over Ebron if you can. If not Ebron is the best option. Our offense is on the struggle bus and Vance wont see much volume with Connor back tomorrow.
  5. RB Situation Worse Than Nagy's Playcalling

    What do you think about Guice? Also I could propose a trade for Mark Ingram.
  6. I've got Dalvin Cook, Devonta Freeman injured, David Montgomery, Jaylen Samuels, and Adrian Peterson. Someone got to Brian Hill on waivers before I could and that leaves me in a hole for my flex spot if Thielen does not play this weekend. Who would you start, Samuels, AP, Zach Pascal, or screw it even Jack Doyle? Waivers are about as open with nothing as throwing a hot dog down a hallway so I have no luck there. Any ideas?
  7. Derrius Guice or AP?

    Who is the better pickup because I’m weak at RB? Guice or AP?
  8. No bias here but I say JuJu. Both won’t break big most likely but JuJu is safer IMO
  9. WDIS

    Zach Pascal vs Miami or Curtis Samuel vs Green Bay
  10. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    lmao tell that dude to screw off. He is just trying to screw you over. Leave the trade with him alone.
  11. Minshew Mania Is Over :/

    Brissett, Rivers, Daniel Jones, Jimmy G, Tannehill, Carr, Trubisky, Kyle Allen, Rudolph
  12. Week 10 And Again Need ur help

    Never ever ever bench Wilson. And agree with Montana. Pascal vs Miami
  13. So I have Minshew as my backup and Lamar as my started. I just read that after the bye week Nick Foles will be the starter again moving Minshew back to 2nd string. Do I drop Minshew for Foles or get another QB off waivers?
  14. I would say zurelein
  15. What is AJ Green worth??

    Matt Nagys playbook.