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  1. Marshawn Lynch

    Will Lynch play week 17? I’m in the fantasy championship and I lost dalvin cook so that leaves me with devonta freeman and back up Viking RBs along with boom or bust RBs. Is it worth picking him up for the last week?
  2. TNF Erin Andrews Curse

    Has anyone noticed recently in the past TNF games that whatever sideline Erin Andrews is on, that team always wins? Coincidence or......?
  3. Here’s My Dilemma

    I hope and pray Zach pascal has an off night against New Orleans. But with TY out and Marlon Mack I am very afraid. I’m up 14 points and this is the semi final. Prayers up to the fantasy gods. (If I would've been smart and played AJ Brown over Thielen this would not have even been a contest. But I guess we shall see). P.S. I hate George Kittle.
  4. Which WR for Monday night?

    If TY is completely healthy roll with him. If he seems iffy and he leaves during the first couple of drives you are in trouble.
  5. Is anyone rolling the dice with Thielen this week? I really really want to but I'm worried. What do you think?
  6. I have 3 players for TNF WDIS?

    I would go with Lamar and Ingram with matchup alone. If you are afraid to start Ingram then go with Gordon. I might play Higbee solely because of Andrews injury. Idk what it says on the report but if he is okay to play and its not affecting him then go all in on Andrews man. Don't be afraid they are all studs.
  7. Pick 2 for Flex and WR2: Tyler Lockett, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, Curtis Samuel, James Washington. Full PPR.
  8. I watch The Fantasy Headliners on YT to help me set up my lineup. This week I am completely distraught on who to start for my flex and WR2 spot this week. They said to sit Tyler Lockett. That leaves me with AJ Brown, Curtis Samuel, James Washington and Deebo Samuel. If I flex AJ Brown would you sit Lockett for Deebo or keep Lockett as WR2?
  9. Need Big Rd 2 Playoff Help

    Would anyone trust Adam Thielen this week or no?
  10. Need Big Rd 2 Playoff Help

    I'm extremely nervous because he has Mahomes, Derrick Henry, Joe Mixon, Chris Godwin, Dj Chark, George Kittle, Mostert, and KC D. I need to come out swinging.
  11. Need Big Rd 2 Playoff Help

    I might roll with deebo but my only thing is if either games become blowouts then they will just run the ball. I mean SF is going against ATL and Seahawks are playing Carolina. I can't make my mind up and I need this win. I'm up on my opponent 14 points. I can't let him beat me this week by more than 14.
  12. This is my starting lineup right now full ppr: QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Dalvin Cook, Devonta Freeman WR: Deandre Hopkins, Tyler Lockett TE: Hunter Henry Flex: James Washington D/ST: Steelers K: Justin Tucker Bench: Adam Thielen Derrius Guice Benny Snell Rashaad Penny Curtis Samuel Deebo Samuel Are there any changes that you guys would make. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Playoff lineup-pick 5

    Cook, Woods, Mack, get snell but drop duke, and mclaurin
  14. Need Playoff Lineup Help!

    I was debating that but what worries me is the split carries with tre edmunds and jaylen samuels. But with freeman he only has brian hill and is going up against the panthers and we all saw what derrius guice and Adrian Peterson did against them
  15. Better start : Snell or Darwin Thompson ?

    For once I agree with Montana. Snell
  16. Devonta Freeman

    I'm rolling with freeman. If Derrius Guice can do it with an abysmal o-line then freeman can do it with a crappy o-line.
  17. Adam Thielen

    I have no clue what in the world is going on with Thielen and his hamstring but they need to come to terms and work together. He plays monday night but if he sits would you play Deebo or Curtis Samuel or James Washington? And even if he plays do you trust he will see volume?
  18. Week 13 Milk Carton

    The one day I bench D monty he gets 16.7 points smdh. I had devonta freeman instead but at least he got me 10.5.
  19. Who wins this matchup???

    Unfortunately the other guy has the edge on you. I believe in my Pitt D to stop the run of Chubb but still. He's definitely got the better matchups. You might take an L this week. But again, its fantasy so anything can happen. Don't count yourself out.
  20. Adam Thielen

    Which Samuel lmao
  21. Bench DeAndre Hopkins?

    Benching Hopkins is like telling your 4 year old there is no santa clause. You just don't do it.
  22. Which RB2 Start

    Devonta Freeman vs Saints bo Scarborough vs chicago jaylen samuels vs Cleveland derrius Guice vs Carolina
  23. Lineup help please

    Lmao nah don't play Monty. He is riding my bench the ROS. Hot garbage all year. I'd feel safer playing Jay Ajayi before I put Monty back in my lineup. And I tend to not listen to Montana because he's about 60/40 on being wrong.
  24. I might have a chance

    I’m not holding my breath but holy hell lol. @League_Champion @Montana is da Man