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  1. Chances to win tomorrow? Brees vs M. Thomas.

    I need Michael Thomas to score 34 points in a 1/2 ppr league to advance...
  2. Will I win?

    I'm down 33 points in a 1/2 PPR league with Michael Thomas left to play tonight....
  3. Aiight yall, 1/2 ppr 12 man league. Do I play Ingram and Mixon for my RB1/RB2? I have Laird on my bench with Breida on waiver.... Do I play Sutton as my flex? Other options would be Laird, M. Brown, A. Miller, J. Crowder.... I'm
  4. RB1/RB2 HELP!

    1/2 PPR 12 man league, needing help picking out my RB1 and RB2: INGRAM MIXON GUICE SCARBROUGH Waiver: Peyton Barber Matt Breida Chase Edmonds
  5. Tyler Lockett? Worthless

    I'm an outsider and I agree
  6. Which WR to start? Round 1 Playoffs.

    Your safest bet would be Crowder imo
  7. Which waiver RB?

    I would avoid Snell... Maybe Mccoy?
  8. Should I bench Andrews tomorrow?

    play him...hes a solid te
  9. Think I have a chance to win?

    Highly doubtful but who knows
  10. QB dilemma

  11. Chances of winning?

    40%???? manurettt
  12. Williams Debate

    Jonathan or Jordan to start?
  13. Chances of winning?

    I'm playing Mark Ingram and Justin Tucker tonight and I'm 20 points behind in a 1/2 PPR league. Can I win?