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  1. I can pick up J. Brown right now, but is he a better option than what I have starting this week? Standard Scoring S. Diggs at Detroit W. Fuller at Colts J. Brown vs Dolphins
  2. Trade advice

    Offer it up!
  3. Need 2 from the following, standard scoring. S. Diggs at Detroit W. Fuller at Colts J. Williams vs Packers
  4. Tough call, Waller does have his bye week out of the way, so you don't need to worry about that. If I remember correctly you are 6-0 so if you decide to hold Hockenson it shouldn't hurt you no matter what happens this week. That said, with the TE market so thin, I think I would hold on to Hockenson just in case something happens to Waller.
  5. Drop M. Brown for K. Hunt?

    10 Team League - They just kept falling to me!
  6. Kicker or no Kicker?

    Don't know what your record is, but I never trust projections. If you can pick up a kicker from the Eagles, Cowboys, Jets or Patriots and have a comfortable lead you could drop him and pick up Darnold before waivers.
  7. Brown is looking iffy for this weekend and it looks like Gurley will be back anyway. I currently have Chubb on my roster and don't know if Hunt will stay on waivers much longer. Thoughts? Standard Scoring Current RB's: CMC, D. Cook, N. Chubb, L. Murray, M. Brown, A. Mattison
  8. Did I make the right decision?

    As long as he gets back on the field!
  9. Did I make the right decision?

    ...and Kamara is hurting, wow!
  10. Did I make the right decision?

    Nice pickup on Godwin. Was hoping to play Adams this week, with CMC and Chubb on their bye, it's a tough week!
  11. Did I make the right decision?

    The DNP report from yesterday just made me a little nervous!
  12. Currently 6-0 but I'm really weak at the WR position. Accepted a trade offer for D. Adams, I gave up M. Gordon and J. Gordon. Start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX 1DEF Standard Scoring QB: M. Ryan RB: CMC, D. Cook, N. Chubb, L. Murray, M. Brown, A. Mattison WR: D. Adams, S. Diggs, C. Sutton, W. Fuller, R. Anderson TE: H. Henry, Hockenson DEF: Patriots
  13. Need 3 of the following, Standard Scoring D. Adams vs Raiders (Don't know if he'll play) S. Diggs at Lions C. Sutton vs KC (Tonight) W. Fuller at Colts R. Anderson vs Pats
  14. MGIII/Boyd Trade Question

    Agree, Gordon Samuel
  15. What a Mess!

    The thought crossed my mind. Not sure how the Lions are going to respond after that Monday night game against the Undefeated REFS!