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  1. A win this week locks up the #1 seed for me in the playoffs (playing the guy in second place this week). RB and Flex is a no brainer, but I'm struggling with WR and DST, thoughts? 1QB / 2RB / 2WR / 1FLEX / 1TE / 1DST / 1K - Standard Scoring QB - M. Ryan RB - CMC, D. Cook, N. Chubb, K. Hunt, A. Mattison, L. Murray WR - S. Diggs, OBJ, M. Sanu, J. Crowder, D. Adams (Bye Week) TE - H. Henry DST - NE, Steelers K - Maher
  2. OBJ vs Steelers J. Crowder at Washington M. Sanu at Philly Standard Scoring
  3. Which one this week, hard to sit the Pats but I like the match-up the Steelers have, thoughts?
  4. Not sure what to do...Help!

    Wasn't sure about Diggs, I'm assuming Thielen will miss this week and Diggs will likely be matched up against Harris?
  5. Need 2 from the following. Standard Scoring. Thoughts? Diggs vs Denver (Probably matched up against Chris Harris) OBJ vs Steelers Sanu at Eagles Crowder at Redskins
  6. I was thinking the same thing, luckily I have Cook!
  7. Which DST do I start? Steelers at Browns Patriots at Eagles
  8. Looking ahead...

    No, I have the Steelers and Patriots, just listed their opponents for the coming week.
  9. Expect more?

    After Diggs had that disappointing 1 catch game last week, can I trust him this week at Dallas or play OBJ vs Buffalo? Standard scoring.
  10. Hunter for Chubb trade help

    Not even close - don't know your roster but he'll need to come up with a WAY better offer than that for Chubb!
  11. Need a bye week option for NE, options are Steelers (Love their remaining schedule) vs Rams, Chargers at OAK or Lions at Bears, thoughts?
  12. I'd go with Murray
  13. Trade Offer for CMC

    Do NOT take this trade!
  14. Need to pick up a Defense this week with NE on a bye, do I drop R. Anderson or C. Herndon? I have D. Adams, OBJ, S. Diggs at WR (only play 2), I have H. Henry at TE (bye week 12). Standard Scoring
  15. Just lost my first game of the season, I'm not panicking just want any suggestions going forward with my roster. Thoughts, Ideas? Standard Scoring / Start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flex 1TE 1DST 1K QB: M. Ryan, S. Darnold RB: CMC, D. Cook, N. Chubb. L. Murray, A. Mattison, K. Hunt WR: D. Adams, OBJ, S. Diggs, R. Anderson TE: H. Henry, C. Herndon K: B. Maher DST: NE
  16. Roster Strategy/Help

    10 Teams - I just kept watching the WR's fly off the board, couldn't believe it!
  17. Roster Strategy/Help

    Picked up Cook in the 3rd round, people in my league were worried about his injury history. Traded for Adams and OBJ.
  18. Need two of the following, standard scoring: OBJ at Denver D. Adams at LAC (Injury concern) R. Anderson at Miami (Streaming Darnold) S. Diggs at KC
  19. Can't pass on CMC, hopefully you have a back up plan at TE.
  20. Trade: A Jones for J Jones

    Don't need to make that move, hurts more than helps.
  21. Need to start 1 of the following in a standard scoring league, which one should it be? D. Adams at LAC (If he plays and what will he do first game back) OBJ at Denver Sutton vs Browns (Don't really want to do this with the QB situation) R. Anderson at Miami
  22. Trade question WHIR

    I would take it as well.
  23. Kenny Golladay vs Allen Robinson ROS

    Taking Golladay - Trust Stafford more than Trubisky