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  1. Gould or Yoo?

    Gould vs Rams Yoo vs Jags
  2. Not sure which one to play, thoughts?
  3. Can't make up my mind, please help! Steelers at Jets NE vs Buffalo
  4. Ryan vs Jax Tannehill vs NO Standard scoring
  5. With Everett back, which one do I start? Standard scoring Higbee at SF Henry vs Oakland
  6. D. Washington at Chargers S. Diggs vs Packers Standard scoring
  7. With Everett out, should I start Higbee over H. Henry?
  8. Need to pick up a kicker, dropped mine to pick up Higbee. With Mattison out, even if something happened to Cook will he be worth starting considering he's missing this week with an ankle injury?
  9. Standard scoring D. Adams vs Chicago S. Diggs at Chargers OBJ at Arizona D. Parker at Giants
  10. Which TE is the better play this week, standard scoring. H. Henry vs Vikings Higbee at Dallas
  11. With Bell out, who would you play at QB? Darnold vs Miami M. Ryan vs Panthers Tannehill at Oakland Standard scoring
  12. Standard scoring, need to pick one: Diggs vs Lions OBJ vs Cincy D. Parker at Jets (Already Starting D. Adams vs Washington)
  13. M. Ryan vs Panthers S. Darnold vs Miami R. Tannehill at Oakland Standard scoring
  14. Which QB this week?

    Just picked up Tannehill to keep him off another playoff teams roster
  15. Steelers vs Browns Pats at Houston
  16. OBJ or Diggs?

    Which one do I start? Standard scoring OBJ at Steelers Diggs at Seattle
  17. Play 3 Browns?

    With my bye week situation, do I really play Chubb, OBJ and Hunt this week? Other options are: D. Parker at Cleveland J. Crowder vs Oakland L. Murray vs Panthers
  18. Right or Wrong?

    I locked up the first overall playoff seed and the guy I'm playing this week needs to win and have another person lose to have a shot at the playoffs (Tie breakers involved). Is it wrong to not play a TE this week as I'm not sure who I would drop to pick one up? Thoughts? Standard Scoring - Start 1QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 1FLEX, 1TE, 1K, 1DST QB: M. Ryan RB: CMC, D. Cook, C. Chubb, K. Hunt, L. Murray, A. Mattison WR: D. Adams, S. Diggs, OBJ, D. Parker, J. Crowder TE: H. Henry K: B. Maher DST: Patriots, Steelers
  19. A win this week locks up the #1 seed for me in the playoffs (playing the guy in second place this week). RB and Flex is a no brainer, but I'm struggling with WR and DST, thoughts? 1QB / 2RB / 2WR / 1FLEX / 1TE / 1DST / 1K - Standard Scoring QB - M. Ryan RB - CMC, D. Cook, N. Chubb, K. Hunt, A. Mattison, L. Murray WR - S. Diggs, OBJ, M. Sanu, J. Crowder, D. Adams (Bye Week) TE - H. Henry DST - NE, Steelers K - Maher
  20. OBJ vs Steelers J. Crowder at Washington M. Sanu at Philly Standard Scoring
  21. Which one this week, hard to sit the Pats but I like the match-up the Steelers have, thoughts?
  22. Not sure what to do...Help!

    Wasn't sure about Diggs, I'm assuming Thielen will miss this week and Diggs will likely be matched up against Harris?
  23. Need 2 from the following. Standard Scoring. Thoughts? Diggs vs Denver (Probably matched up against Chris Harris) OBJ vs Steelers Sanu at Eagles Crowder at Redskins
  24. I was thinking the same thing, luckily I have Cook!
  25. Which DST do I start? Steelers at Browns Patriots at Eagles