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  1. Won my first championship!

  2. Championship Advice!

    All I need is a low scoring affair and I'm in line to get my 2nd Championship ever! Thank you Lamar Jackson! Best part is I get to keep him next year for a 10th round draft pick!
  3. Couple of Flex questions

    #1 I would start Robinson without a doubt. #2 Is much tougher. Id go with Singletary.
  4. Which D to win it all?

    I'd stick with the Patriots.
  5. Dick move or am I overreacting?

    If he is playing for money then it fair. The only way I would be angry is if there was collusion with your championship game opponent to purposely block you from players. But I don't think that is the case if 3rd place get money.
  6. Pick 3 WR

    Tough one! I think Diggs, Kupp & McLaurin.
  7. 1st off congrats to everyone who has made it to the ship! After having a monster week I made it to the Championship! My team is pretty set and I am feeling comfortable. Lindsay had a manure game last week but I expect him to bounce back against the Lions. I am looking at Defenses and and Kickers. Considering picking up Broncos D and McManus but then I am pretty Denver heavy. Let me know what yall think! I could use a nice Christmas bonus! Good luck!
  8. I would start Tannehill over a about 20 QB's.
  9. Terrible Options at Flex, please help!

    Coming from a Packers fan, I expect Monty to have a good game too.
  10. Need 2 of three; Gallup, Lockett, Mostert

    Gallup and Mostert
  11. Which TE

  12. Week 15 QB Dilemma: Brees/Jackson

    I hope so otherwise his opponent is laughing his ass off.