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  1. Need trade suggestions

    Agreed and then try to move marvin jones if there is something good on waivers for WR.
  2. Bye Week Dilemma

    Also have to keep in mind the league settings. He might be required to play a DEF. My league we have to have a full roster to prevent tanking.
  3. Bye Week Dilemma

    Always play a def. Your streaming Def like me and they can pay off. Like this week Miami scored 19.5 points in my league. That can make a difference in winning and losing if you stream the right option. Giants even did well in my other league giving me 13 points. Murray isnt doing much just drop him and if he is there next week just get him again. I see Edmonds having a big possibility of being a starter soon.
  4. Bye Week Dilemma

    just drop Murray and see if there's a TE you can stream this week. Edmonds has a big chance to be the new starter if Drake does bad again.
  5. In that type of league I can see it working. I see your concern but Thomas will do just fine when he is back this week. His injury might linger a little but he will power through it. Evans has been fighting injury as well but I can see Thomas at higher production then Evans when he is back.
  6. I think that will upgrade your RB plus he is off Bye. You have alot of high upside WR so it will be ok to trade Adams. Plus he is always fighting a injury.
  7. Week 7 early waivers question

    Drop Engram for Cook. Keep McKinnon since Mostert is still fighting his injury. Its lingering and giving Mckinnon a better chance to be a good starter ROS.
  8. Its a bad year for alot of people man. All you can do is just keep fighting. You never know you might make a run and squeak into the playoffs. It happened to me last year. I was dead last 0-7 then came back and won all my games but one. Went to the playoffs and got second place losing by 3 points. You dont want to give those free wins. You can mess up the lead guys and give lower placed managers a chance to make it.
  9. Sell High on Jefferson?

    I will hold. I think Jefferson is here and will continue to tear it up. The vikings great run game will open the deep ball for him.
  10. Its never over till the season ends. Keeps fighting! Dont give them free wins. Make them earn it.
  11. Pick 2 WRs to start this week

    Shenault and Higgins
  12. Need 2 of these 4 RBs!!!

    Play both James
  13. Jonnu Smith on Waivers?!

    Drop Fant Now! I been seeing this alot. Jonnu is on waivers for alot of leagues. He is one of the Top TE's. Owners need to grab him. He is Ryans go to in the Endzone.
  14. Gurley for Shenault Jr

    I can see that being a good trade. You can use that RB depth. Gurley isnt a top 5 RB anymore but he has the potential to be.