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  1. Going against the top scorer in my league

    I like your squad better. Wilson/Lockett have been duds as of late and Allen as well. I think you'll crush
  2. Qb and WR trouble....

    Legit the thing I'm most scared about. Any thought of putting in parker?? Has a great matchup and been more consistent as of late.
  3. Qb and WR trouble....

    Almost lol 8 team with friends.
  4. Qb and WR trouble....

    I feel like this is my best line up but have players like parker and mixon who are playing well on the bench and well Hopkins.... Who are you playing here? Also not happy with either qb, Cousins is available. Would you target him?!? Apreceiate the advice.
  5. Time to acquire OBJ?

    Aw hell no, never ever, I'd love to get Derick Henry though. That offense looks so much better.
  6. Time to acquire OBJ?

    I have cook, Fournette, Bell and mixon at rb and Thomas , Hopkins and Hill at Wr. Are you saying you dont think OBJ's intrinsic value is greater than that of a waiver wire pick up?
  7. Ertz, Dak, Ekeler for Rodgers, Mccaffrey

    Wow in a heartbeat, one of the most lopsided trades I've seen on the forums!

    Gore, just because Singletary is the pass catching/screen explosive back. I expect the Bill's to have an early lead. I think Gore will get 20 carries and better numbers.
  9. Time to acquire OBJ?

    8 league team. I acquired hunter Henry off waivers 2 weeks ago(I have Kittle) I was offered OBJ for Henry. I snap accepted, his numbers have been terrible but if you can are you trying to pick him up?
  10. Accept this trade?

    I'd decline in standard but accept in ppr, thomas is on pace for an insane amount of catches and is nearly always over 100 yards. Standard he loses value and Chubb wins for me
  11. Julio Trade?

    Feel like your making a ladderal trade. That being said, dont feel like your upgrading enough at rb to trade away a top 3 wr.. aim higher at either postion so as to not lose value for the stud that Julio is.
  12. Here it is my first trade offer what you think?

    Julio is on an offense trending downward. Ryan injured, sanu traded... Ingram is in a 3 way rb timeshare. All I saying is if you want the #2nd FF player your going to need more than that... To acquire a player like that it's less your needs and if you can throw the sink at him.
  13. Here it is my first trade offer what you think?

    Imo I think you need to take mike William's out of the trade. I think if your lucky like super lucky he would accept. However as a Cook owner you'd need another piece.... Julio+Ingram +(x) Cook and cmc are literally almost untradeable right now. Good luck though
  14. I wouldn't take any less than Bell a first and another piece.
  15. Agreed 100% you need multiple picks or a 1st rounder and ar least one rb1