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  1. PPR Flex spot should I go Christian Kirk va Steelers or Robby Anderson vs Dolphins.
  2. PPR Rest of Season is it better to own A.Peterson or D.Guice? I'd rather not carry both and Guice is on waiver so if he's a better hold than Peterson I'll scoop him. But i feel i should keep Peterson.
  3. person I’m playing we right now show me winning only by a 5pt margin. However I don’t have a kicker, Lutz is on bye. i still have time to snag one but I’d have to drop someone from my bench. I’d rather not for a kicker I’ll just dump next week. But with things so close not sure. Based on my bench and who plays later today, these are the only benchers I can drop. Should I drop one and who? - Marquise Brown - Devonta Freeman (on Bye) - Wil Lutz (on Bye) - Gerald Everett (on Bye) - AJ Green (hurt and on Bye) i could drop Lutz but he’s a solid kicker and I’d lose him on waivers next week for sure. The latest I could drop is wait til the 8pm game and if it’s too close then drop Marquise Brown for the Giants kicker. Any thoughts? Or just say F it and don’t drop anyone?
  4. I picked up Guice after seeing his timetable looks to be week 11 return after their bye. for whatever reason the Peterson owner dropped him. So.....should I drop Guice for Peterson or keep Guice?
  5. Help!!! 30 minute deadline

    I think whether you play them or not it’s too late. In my league once they play they can’t trade til next week.
  6. C.Kirk Tonight or..

    Robby Anderson vs Dolphins?
  7. Which WR

    Looking to boost my bench and looking at Auden Tate and wondering if there’s a better waiver out there. Top 5 WR waivers are below. Would you swap Auden for any of them? AJ Brown (TEN) Devante Parker (MIA) Preston Williams (MIA) Geronimo Allison (GB) Keke Coutee (HOU)
  8. So right now I'm 5-2 sitting in 3rd place. First and Second place are sitting at 6-1. However, last week my team got slaughtered as i didn't even break 80pts. (Average for top 5 teams is around 125-130pts). None of my players are on bye this week so my Starters are the same. Starting to wonder if I should shake up a roster spot via a trade or take a flier on a waiver sleeper/handcuff. Trying to plan best for ROS as i feel last couple weeks I've seen a decline in production overall. Below is my team. 4/7 bench out or questionable. I am WR heavy so maybe try to work a trade for a solid 4th RB than Chris Thompson? AJ Green I'm hoping comes back week 9 or 10, enough to help in playoffs but with Bengals sucking there's no need to rush him back so wondering if he is a wasted spot. Any advice is very welcomed! What would you do if it were your team?
  9. Christian Kirk or Auden Tate for Kenny Stills? or stick with Tate and Kirk?
  10. What's your thought on Zay Jones with the Raiders? He was good in college but not really used on the Bills. Think he will get a big uptick with Raiders or not worthy stashing? Just some insight, to stash him I'd have to drop one of the following: Marquise Brown, Auden Tate, or Christian Kirk, Chris Thompson.
  11. Ertz For Which WR?

    Guy reached out that he wants Ertz. (Kelce my other TE so I can afford to trade) Here’s his WRs, which is a fair trade straight up? Thielen E.Sanders C.Conley M.Hardman AJ Green I’d like to scoop Green off his bench so maybe give him Ertz and someone else? He only has 3 RBs Bell, Conner and Lindsay but they are solid RBs.
  12. Which Patriot to Pick Up

    Sounds like it’s Dorsett. Thanks everyone!!! Good luck on your leagues.
  13. I’m ok at WR and TE. But looking to block the top competitor in my league who is weak at both. so from Pats which is a better grab or who would be more productive in your opinion: WR Phillip Dorsett TE: Ben Watson Ben returns this week and the Pats really haven’t used the TE this year but it’s always been a key role. Dorsett I think has value. He has a good amount of targets and Pats WRs are a little banged up so he may have good value now but not in the long run. Thoughts?
  14. Too much in the KC/DET game?

    Guy in my league has Dak, Elliot, Cooper, Cowboys Def and the kicker (he's a huge cowboys fan though). So if it's a shootout, you're good. I hope you don't take a hit playing two RB's from KC but it's KC and everyone eats on that team really.
  15. Squeezing in a second question. PPR should I roll with Tarik Cohen vs the Vikings or Chris Thompson vs the Giants? And thanks for the advice!