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  1. Now that Jacobs is out do I

    PPR and yes I do have Boone also
  2. Start Washington, Hunt or Mattison If Cook is out?
  3. Couple of tough decisions to make considering matchups and potential injuries. Full PPR QB L Jackson RB1: Chubb RB2: currently Josh Jacobs (Washington handcuff) WR1 Michael Thomas WR2 Lockett TE: Kelce D: NE FLEX: Chark (if healthy) Mattison ( If Cook is out) Perriman, K Hunt, Laird Where should I go with flex and also RB2 if Jacobs is out? Should I start Washington or put Mattison in that spot? Of course Mattison may be out again with the ankle injury. I can also grab Boone off of waivers? Help me win the ship my fellow Fantasy Brethren!
  4. 12 man PPR Current Roster: QB Lamar Jackson RB1 Chubb RB2 Josh Jacobs WR1 Michael Thomas WR2 Tyler Lockett TE Kelce Flex Chark D: NE Bench: Kareem Hunt, D Johnson, Breida, Westbrook, Debo, J Hollister Currently 7-4 The offer is Desean Watson, D Hopkins, Dalvin Cook For L Jackson, Michael Thomas and Josh Jacobs Thoughts????
  5. Pick one to Flex

    Bye week and injuries are limiting my options for a flex. Pick one: Sterling Shepard vs Dallas Jamison Crowder vs Miami Phillip Dorsett vs Baltimore Full PPR Thanks
  6. Where should I make a move? If any?

    Thanks for input
  7. Where should I make a move? If any?

    With the news coming out of the Cardinal camp, still hold tight? I will be 6-2 after tonight!
  8. Where should I make a move? If any?

    Quite a few trades
  9. Currently 6-1 (12 man PPR) Roster QB Wentz RB1 DJ/Edmonds RB2 Bell WR1 M Thomas WR2 Hopkins TE Ertz Current Flex R Freeman Pats D K Gregg the Legg Bench : Crowder, E Sanders, AJ Green, Kareem Hunt My biggest concern is week 10. QB, WR2, D and TE on a bye. Should I make any moves or hold tight to what I have? Iā€™m hoping AJ can come back strong to throw into Flex. Thoughts ?
  10. Who to Flex???

    Royce Freeman vs šŸŽ or Emmanuel Sanders vs the šŸ†
  11. Rate this Trade

    Current Roster and Trade
  12. Big Trade Advice (Hopkins, Zeke, Kittle)

    What if he threw in Cooper over Evans?
  13. My current roster below, the trade proposal is get: Zeke, Mike Evans and Hockenson for Give: D Freeman, Hopkins and Kittle Its 12 man PPR thoughts ??
  14. Is this a League Winner?

    Ok so for comparison, here was my original team!