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  1. Big Trade Advice (Hopkins, Zeke, Kittle)

    What if he threw in Cooper over Evans?
  2. My current roster below, the trade proposal is get: Zeke, Mike Evans and Hockenson for Give: D Freeman, Hopkins and Kittle Its 12 man PPR thoughts ??
  3. Is this a League Winner?

    Ok so for comparison, here was my original team!
  4. Is this a League Winner?

    I did a few trades to get to this point. Is this team a league winner?
  5. AJ Green info???

    Has anyone heard an update on Greens status? I cannot find anything on him?
  6. Playoff Pickups

    Since the regular fantasy season is about at the halfway point Is there any players you are targeting or sleepers to have for playoffs? I am going to be 5-1 after this week. Below is my roster. I’m currently holding onto Derrius Guice. I was also debating whether I should add Jay Ajayi? Its a 12 League PPR so waiver player availability is slim. Thoughts on adding Ajayi, Keeping Guice or any other potential sleeper??
  7. 12 man PPR QB Watson RB Conner/ D Freeman WR Hopkins / Cooper Flex Lockett TE Kittle bench: R Freeman, Samuels, Westbrook, Diggs, McLauren, Josh Allen Trade: Watson, Diggs and McLauren for Rodgers, Josh Jacobs and DJ Chark I am currently 4-1 , but bye weeks are coming. Should I Trade to have stronger WR and RB coverage for upcoming Bye weeks?
  8. 12 man PPR I’ve just traded Kelce for Watson and Kittle QB Watson WR Hopkins Cooper RB Conner D Freeman TE Kittle Flex Lockett Bench: R Freeman, J Samuels McLaurin, Diggs, D Jackson Josh Allen Looking to strengthen my RB position w/o damaging my WR core to much The current trade on the table is: Cooper and D Freeman for Kerryon Johnson, Fitzgerald and AJ Green Thoughts???
  9. Who to start as RB2 ROS? Thanks
  10. Double Trade Advice

    What about D Hop straight up for Mahomes?
  11. Double Trade Advice

    Trade 1 Hopkins for M Gordon straight up Trade 2 K Murray/D Freeman and Diggs for Mahomes 12 man PPR roster below
  12. 12 man PPR im trying to strengthen my QB position Current roster QB: K Murray RB: Conner D Freeman WR: Hopkins A Cooper TE Kelce Flex Lockett the Trade offer is Kelce for Kittle and Watson or Brady! Which should I choose ROS? thanks
  13. Week 4 milk carton

  14. Trade: Cooper for Gordon Advice

    Wouldn’t this move add more depth at RB and WR?