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  1. Mohamed Sanu tonight or Auden Tate?
  2. Trade deadline advice!?

    After reviewing everything i think Chubb for Henry and Hilton would be fair. Chubb has already had his bye and Henry's is next week. Do i offer this?
  3. So I'm currently on the outside of the playoffs looking in...some of my players are starting to show up including Singletary and Montgomery, plus AJ Green is coming back. Should I package up Derrick Henry and TY Hilton (out the next 2 weeks) since I need to win NOW for a WR1 or a RB1? What do you think I can get for them? My team is in my sig...full PPR, 12 team league

    As a Redskins fan i'd say that teams have MUCH better success against us checking down to RBs in the flat than running up the gut, and Buffalo should be able to exploit that with Singletary. It's definitely close, but i'd lean toward Singletary personally. Then again, when the Bills go up 14 they may just slam Gore. Still sticking with Singletary in PPR IMO.
  5. Julio Trade?

    Should note full PPR
  6. Julio Trade?

    Should I give away Julio Jones and Royce Freeman for Keenan Allen and Chris Carson? Or is that just dumb? I need a WR this week in the midst of all the TY BS and could use an upgrade at RB to pair with Derrick Henry (other RBs are Montgomery, Singletary, and spent 20% of FAAB on Ty Johnson )
  7. This is very tough. I think you do need to move Engram for an RB with your current roster, but i'd aim higher than James White. Maybe Henry or Gurley.
  8. Someone in my league has both Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler. He's very thin at WR and i may send him something for one of them. Which is the back to own for the rest of the season? Full PPR.
  9. Pick up Darnold?

    As a Mahomes owner i'm using Darnold to bridge the gap until he returns. Darnold has a very favorable schedule after NE this week.
  10. Advice (Matt Ryan/Lamar Jackso)

    I think Chark for Ryan would be best for you, or stand pat. You can always grab another QB in case Jackson goes down for you on waivers. Darnold or someone similar.
  11. FLEX HELP - 3 RBs

    Thanks guys, bump only because now I'm seeing the "experts" saying Freeman should have a very decent game tonight. Wanna make the right call. Definitely Singletary or Freeman.
  12. FLEX HELP - 3 RBs

    Full PPR...who do you start? (Start 1) Devin Singletary (back for game against Miami) Royce Freeman David Montgomery I personally have them in that order, looking for feedback. Thanks all.
  13. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    That's so lame. I was commissioner for 10 years of my league and recently handed over the reigns to someone new. We have a policy that only commissioner needs to approve trades, and he understands that ONLY blatant cheating/collusion will be denied. It's worked well. If someone makes a bad trade, so be it. That's part of the fun. And this trade wasn't even bad.