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  1. Play 3 Dolphins?

    I'm having a hard time with playing Fitz, Parker, and Gesicki. Im def playing both Parker and Gesicki but should I pivot to Rivers or Goff? I have Wentz on bench but the weather is not going to favor the pass.
  2. Wentz or..

    Is it because he is a little banged up?
  3. Eagles DST or Jets DST?? URGENT

    Im in the same situation. Leaning towards playing Baker at home.
  4. Wentz or..

    Play Fitz or Mayfield? I get that its risky to play 3 players from one team especially the Dolphins but the Jets D is in bad shape and Bengals are a tad better.
  5. Wentz or..

    Yep have the Eagles D already
  6. Wentz or..

    Im already playing Parker and Gesicki though. Be too risky to have 3 Phins in line up? Or should I pick up Mayfield or Goff?
  7. Wentz or..

    The rain in Philly is a concern for me. Should I just plug in Fitzmagic against the banged up Jets D?
  8. Start em Sit em

    Thats a tough one but Gesicki with Jamal Adams out is definitely intriguing.
  9. Goedert or Gesicki?

    I'm the crazy in the league as I have Parker, Fitzmagic, and Laird. How can I have 4 Phins on my team haha!
  10. Goedert or Gesicki?

    .5ppr - Have Goedert but if Jamal Adams is out, should I turn to Gesicki?
  11. Philly or Cowboys DST?

    My thoughts exactly but Eli doesnt run, he reminds of Rivers and just sits in the pocket.
  12. Philly or Cowboys DST?

    Does Eli really change the Phillys D outcome? If so pivot to Dallas vs Bears?
  13. .5ppr - Sit Kamara as he plays @ 49ers and use the Aaron Jones and flex Jamaal Williams vs. Redskins? or Aaron Jones as RB2 and flex Devante Parker? Kamara should never be benched but Im in it to win this first playoff game and that match up is brutal. RBs- CMC, Kamara, Jones, Murray, J. Williams WRs- Ridley Moore, Parker, Shephard
  14. .5ppr - In the playoffs and which QB to start wk 14; Wentz vs Giants or Mayfield vs Bengals? Should I consider dropping either one for Fitzpatrick for the playoff run? I have Aaron Jones (vs Redskins) in flex this week but should I swap him out for Parker (vs Jets)? I have Ridley (vs Carolina) and Moore in line-up or plug in Parker for either?