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  1. Mack/Williams for Lindsay/Crowder/Henry

    I am also pushing a Bell trade. Lindsay or White/Hunter Henry for Bell. The guy is truly thinking about letting Bell go. I'd rather have Bell over Mack I think.
  2. Mack/Williams for Lindsay/Crowder/Henry

    DAMNIT lol but yes Hunter. I need more coffee!
  3. Mack/Williams for Lindsay/Crowder/Henry

    Ha my bad!!! Mike Williams
  4. .5 ppr - I'd be getting Mack/Williams and giving away Lindsay/Crowder/Henry. The member is 0-6 and I'm 3-3. Rbs- CMC, White, Breida, McCoy Wrs - Godwin, Golladay, Djax TE- Andrews Giving up too much for Mack? The Colts schedule going forward looks favorable for Mack.
  5. Singletary?????

    I'd definitely pick up Singletary!
  6. Too much for Saquon?

    Lindsay over White, or both?
  7. Too much for Saquon?

    .5 ppr - I was thinking of offering Godwin/White/Henry for Saquon/Chark but don't if Im giving up too much. He is weak at TE and Wrs but I think this would leave me weak at Wrs. RBs- CMC, Lindsay, White, Breida, McCoy WRs- Godwin, Golladay, Djax, Crowder Thoughts?
  8. Thoughts on this offer?

    I don't have much to trade for a decent RB2.
  9. Thoughts on this offer?

    Or I was leaning to use Monty as my RB2. It is possible that Monty could see more production after bye.
  10. .5 ppr - I’d give away Lindsay and White for Lockett and Montgomery RBs- CMC, Lindsay, Breida, White, McCoy WRs- Godwin, Golladay, Djax, Dorsett
  11. .5 ppr and 3-3- I have Dorsett and I would be plugging him in this week as Godwin is on bye. My other option is Djax. I'd be all for Djax but he is still uncertain to play. Dorsett is still banged up as well. Take my chances with either Djax/Dorsett or drop Dorsett for either of the three mentioned? Thoughts?
  12. Allen or Darnold ROS

    Unfortunately no, only 5 bench spots. I am liking The Jets schedule after these next two weeks but I also need to win asap and Allen will put up numbers this week for certain. I'm 3-3.
  13. Allen or Darnold ROS

    What the title says. Thoughts?
  14. .5 ppr- I’d trade away CMC for Gordon and Thomas. Rbs- CMC, Lindsay, White, Breida, McCoy WRs- Godwin, Golladay, Djax, Dorsett Thoughts?
  15. Dorsett or MVS?

    Thoughts with Cole Beasley. Dorsett over Beasley? The Bills have a nice schedule coming up and I can see him getting targets even if Brown is Allen's heavy favorite down field.