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  1. Duke or Chase ROS depth

    Duke for sure
  2. Traded away Guice....

    .5ppr- Traded away Guice for Ridley straight up. Who should I pick up off waivers: Duke Johnson or Brian Hill? Thoughts? Rbs- CMC, Kamara, Mixon, Murray
  3. Traded away Guice....

    Only 14 and he has 39
  4. Traded away Guice....

    I really dont think I will get Hill. The Devonta owner has way more FAAB than me.
  5. Traded away Guice....

    But Dukes usage in next few weeks will be nice. I dont think Hyde can run against the teams coming up.
  6. What to do...HELP :)

    Hold onto Guice and hope he sees volume on a bad team with bad o-line? Or Drop him for Brian Hill? I need a win this week. Also, I know Oakland has some great weeks ahead for receiving but Ty has dwindled the last two games. That said, thoughts on taking a shot on Slayton or am I just chasing the points? Rbs- CMC, Kamara, Murray, Mixon, Guice Wrs- Dj Moore, Golladay, Crowder, Gordon, Ty Williams
  7. Pick an RB2 and Flex Week 11

    Williams RB2, Mixon at Flex
  8. What to do...HELP :)

    Yeah good call, Bengals could possibly be run heavy going forward with Finley. Also Giovanni is hurt.
  9. What to do...HELP :)

    I would Flex Hill this week vs. the Panthers. I'd like to see Mixon one more week to trust him unless I should trust him no matter what?
  10. What to do...HELP :)

    That makes total sense. I may just stay put then. But Ty's targets are kind of discouraging, enough to drop him for me. If he does not see a thing vs. CIN then red alert for me.
  11. Which TE ROS?

    .5ppr - I streamed Gesicki this week but that fell very short and I don't think I can trust him on that team going forward. That said: Hock, Howard, Goedert, Boyle, or Eifert ROS? Thoughts?
  12. Which TE ROS?

    Fells has already been picked up unfortunately
  13. Going all in..thoughts?

    The guy wont give up Evans but he will do Ridley. So Singletary/Ridley/Jonnu for Bell/ too much?
  14. .5ppr - Im really hesistant with Bell. I could snag Kamara/Murray/Dj Moore for Bell/White/Golladay/Andrews. Another trade offer Singletary/Evans/Jonnu…(drop for Gesicki) for Bell/Andrews RBs- CMC, McCoy, Guice WRs- Godwin, Crowder, Ty Williams, Gordon Thoughts
  15. Patriots hit waivers

    Pick them up an use ROS? I have the Bills as of now
  16. Patriots hit waivers

    How much FAAB?
  17. Penny on waivers....

    Should I pick up Penny? I’d drop Gordon, even worth it. Thoughts? RBs- CMC, Bell, White, McCoy, Guice WRs- Godwin, Golladay, Crowder, Ty Williams
  18. .5 ppr - I really want Singletary and the guy that has him wants Andrews. I don't have a back up but I'd feel pretty good with Goedert, Gisecki, or Hockenson ROS. I don't have confidence with Lamar throwing other than this game vs the Bengals. The Ravens schedule after is more tough than thought for TEs, I see targets diminishing for Andrews as the season goes on. Thoughts? Over thinking this? Rbs- CMC, Bell, McCoy, White, Guice Wrs- Godwin, Golladay, Gordon, Crowder, Ty Williams
  19. Thoughts with this offer?

    I'd take Singletary over McCoy any day. McCoy is a fumble machine and then gets benched, really no use with him. I'd probably take Goedert over Gesecki, Goedert has more upside and I really don't think the targets will go away.
  20. Quick trade help!!!

    I think I have more confidence in Crowder going forward. That seems gross to admit but Crowder gets the targets and Rivers looked awful last night.
  21. Quick trade help!!!

    .5ppr - Thinking of offering Crowder and Ty Williams for Keenan. The guy might bite since Allen has been bad. Only thought Crowder could be just as good as an asset as Allen. Thoughts? Wrs after trade- Godwin, Golladay, Allen, Gordon
  22. Quick trade help!!!

    2 wrs and flex
  23. Quick trade help!!!

  24. Penny on waivers....

    Im torn. Anyone else?