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  1. RB ROS

    This is a tough choice. I am going to go with Ingram and here is why. In the first two weeks the Ravens and Lamar Jackson threw the ball more than I think they will in weeks to come. I still think Mark Ingram and the running game is the backbone of this team. As for Mack I also think he will get a good workload, but I also think once Jacoby Brissett who has already thrown 5 TD's in 2 weeks and I think he will utilize TY Hilton and his TE's more. This is just my opinion and it could be totally wrong.
  2. D Cook for L Bell and Ertz

    I would do this because it would significantly upgrade your TE position while keeping your RB's still solid.
  3. Week 3 WW targets

    I agree McLaurin and Malcolm Brown are the adds.
  4. QB Help. Trade? Stand pat? Add?

    Stick with the two you have.
  5. Dropping question

    Alshon Jeffrey is a WR so he won't help out your RB's. I would though pick up Alshon Jeffrey though and drop someone to help your WR's though.
  6. TE Waiver pickup help

    I also think McDonald is the guy to target here. With the new Pittsburgh QB I think that will be a huge benefit for Vance McDonald. I think Greg Olsen even though he had a great Week 2 he is still really slow and it has only been one week. Go with Vance McDonald.
  7. Good offer for Kerryon or Sony?

    I wouldn't count out David Montgomery yet, but I understand what you are saying. Okay, if you can get him to trade Kerryon & Doyle for Freeman & Waller I would do that. If not, I guess substitute Singletary for Freeman and get it done although that would be tough. Good Luck.
  8. I do agree that those two players are the most dynamic players on the Redskins. I also wouldn't count out Vernon Davis being an integral part of the offense especially while Jordan Reed never makes it onto the field. I also feel LeSean if he gets into the endzone and his touches are increasing he will out score Thompson. Also the Chiefs Offense is much more dynamic.
  9. Good offer for Kerryon or Sony?

    Personally I think you are going to end up kicking yourself for trading both Waller and Singletary. I feel Waller is going to be a breakout TE and Singletary will be the lead back in Buffalo before you know it.
  10. Waivers

    I would unload Dede Westbrook.
  11. Drop Latavius Murray

    That is hard to predict. Peyton Barber looks primed to take over the Tampa Bay backfield, but what does that really mean. It could be a great week one week and a sub par week another. Mostert looks like the real deal, but looks like he is going to share the load. L. Murray has a ton of potential, but when will that time come. If you are in need of backfield help now then I think you have to drop Murray now and pick up one of the other guys.If you can wait then keep Murray.
  12. Yes, Marquise Brown is a better option than Jamison Crowder. Chris Thompson however is not a better option than LeSean McCoy.
  13. Need Help Who To Drop...

    I would say either DJ Metcalf or Latavius Murray would be the guys to drop.
  14. Rb pick up????

    I think it will be Peyton Barber.
  15. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    This is my 1st ever year in this Fantasy Football game and damn this thing is serious business. The injuries are off the chart and I have been watching the game of football for some time now and I of course realize there are injuries, but really never really have paid attention to it as much as this year as in this past I just looked at the players from my home team or the big time players. It is crazy. I guess I have been lucky really as I have only lost Hunter Henry up to this point, but really week 3 hasn't even started yet.
  16. Ravens D

    An owner in my league dropped the Ravens D because they are up against KC this week and I was wondering if I should use my Waiver to pick them up and stash them for the ROS? I would have to drop Matthew Stafford who is my back up QB to Kyler Murray. I also have the Minnesota Vikings as my other D.
  17. Lost Brees. Who do I pick up ROS?

    Go with Josh Allen
  18. Conner for Ingram?

    If you can get that trade done, do it.
  19. Drop O. J. Howard for Vance McDonald?

    Absolutely. With the new Pittsburgh QB I think it will benefit Vance McDonald a lot.
  20. Ridley for Rodgers

    If you can make that happen then do it.
  21. Offer Ryan/Henry. For my Garoppolo/McCaffery

    I agree, No way. You are giving up the best player in the trade by far.
  22. TE help

    I don't think I'd waste a Waiver Claim on any of those TE's. I'd keep what you got.
  23. Will Lamar Jackson keep this up?

    I agree that he will not keep this rate up like weeks 1 & 2, but he is still going to be a solid option to play every week due to his ability to get you points in the running game as well as the passing game. I don't see though 30 plus points every week. More like in the 20 some points every week range.
  24. Dalvin Cook 4 D.Adams & Carson??

    Yes indeed. You get a Top WR and a solid RB in return. Make that trade.
  25. Weak @ Wideout

    Nope, not with Mahomes throwing to them.