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  1. K. Drake or A. Peterson

    Standard league. Pick one to play as flex. K. Drake v CLE A. Peterson v PHI Also have available... G. Tate & S. Shepard v MIA...
  2. Mack or Chark standard league

    Chark. Simply because Mack is coming off an injury and facing the #1 run defense. Not a good combo. Not a fan of Chark either though. 60/40 Chark for me.
  3. Last min Flex Advice!

    Standard league. Pick one Flex please. J. Doyle @ TB S. Michel vs KC G. Tate @ PHI
  4. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

  5. Flex Help Please.

    Standard league Need a flex, pick 1 please. (RB) ~ R. Freeman @ Min (RB) ~ A. Peterson vs NYJ (RB) ~ K. Drake @ SF
  6. Who to Start Alshon, Marvin Jone Or Sterling Shep

    Jeffrey the safe play Jones high reward risk.
  7. Qb help

  8. Trade advise

    Definitely not. You can get way more for Golladay.
  9. Which trade offer would you take??

    ... given that you have wr depth.
  10. Which trade offer would you take??

    I'd counter with straight up juju for Bell
  11. Take this trade, right?

  12. Big trade offer. Need advice.

    LOL, thanks guys!
  13. Standard league. 3 WR Slots 2 RB Slots 1 FLEX 1 TE, QB, DEF, Kicker Current roster: WR's C. Godwin OBJ G. Tate D. Johnson M. Sanu RB's C. McCaffrey E. Elliot A. Peterson K. Drake L. McCoy QB T. Brady THE TRADE OFFER. T. Boyd J. Mixon D. Prescott FOR. C. Godwin
  14. Mack for OBJ?

    Standard league. In need of WR. Trade away Mack and recieve OBJ? Trade away Mack and recieve Lockett? Thoughts?
  15. Trade help!

    Definitely take that trade!