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  1. Should i get a back up qb?

    I'd drop Williams or Watkins for Fitzmagic or Brissett. If Devante Parker is cleared to play, I'd go Fitz. Don't drop Anderson.
  2. Which QB

    Allen. Jones is not healthy
  3. Week 14 TE 1) Griffin 2) McDonald 3) Higbee Everett is out Week 14.... Thanks!
  4. WDIS TE?

    Everett is out for Week 14. Any updated thoughts?
  5. WDIS TE?

    Which TE to start for Week 14? 1) Higbee vs SEA 2) McDonald vs ARI 3) Griffin vs MIA Thanks!
  6. If Conner doesn't play, which RB?

    Hines is definitely safest.
  7. Everett, Cook, or Ryan Griffin? Thinking about streaming Griffin for Week 12 and then using Everett/Cook ROS. Thoughts?
  8. Who to Pickup & Drop?

    Who would you drop? Gordon?
  9. Carr. Unsure if Garoppolo will have Sanders/Kittle available
  10. It's definitely better, potentially too much, but is a better starting point than Cooper/Jones
  11. I think it's too much to ask for Cooper and Jones, but doesn't hurt to try.