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  1. 10 team half ppr I need to win the next two games for a playoff spot. Ekeler Or Ronald jones
  2. 10 team half ppr Who should I play this week? Ravens @LAR or 49ers GB
  3. Drop JuJu?

    It was time to drop him weeks ago
  4. Trade advice

    Doubt be would do that. Mack is not that good. Would have to package mack and someone else maybe berida
  5. Trade advice

    I want to try and trade for Connor since the guy who has connor is not doing well and might be desperate. I have Ekeler Mack Mixon Berida Ronald Jones Jaylen Samuel Who would you package to try and get connor?
  6. 10 team 0.5 ppr Pick one to flex Golden Tate @NYJ Ronald Jones Ari Jaylen Samuels LAR
  7. Flex help Pick 1

    10 team 0.5 ppr Pick one to flex Golden Tate @NYJ Ronald Jones Ari Jaylen Samuels LAR
  8. Flex help - week 10

    I agree with Montana. I would not even think about playing juju until he starts putting up numbers. He seems like he is not even part of the offensive plan without big ben.
  9. Getting Defensive...

    Steelers! They have a great schedule coming up and have consistently put up good numbers.
  10. JuJu Mania

    Traded juju a while ago. He is just not a big part of the offense without big ben.
  11. Flex spot help

    10 team 1/2 ppr Pick one to start Ronald Jones ARI Jaylen Samuels LAR Golden Tate @NYJ
  12. 10 team .5 ppr I am up by 17 points and he has Barkley to go. Who should I play Golden Tate or Gallup?
  13. 10 team .5 ppr Wr - Julio Golladay golden tate gallup Do you guys think diontae Johnson is worth a pickup with Rudolph coming back. He was getting a ton of looks with Rudolph as QB before he got hurt.
  14. kerryon injury

    So I have kerryon who is injured. Should I grab edmonds or TY Johnson this week on waivers?