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  1. Kicker Trade

    totally agree with on
  2. David Johnson - Fair Offer?

    I already made the Henry/Diggs offer but he declined and is asking for Hooper/Diggs instead.
  3. David Johnson - Fair Offer?

    He countered asking for Hooper/Diggs for David Johnson instead of Henry/Diggs. I'd still have Hunter Henry as my TE albeit with his constant injury risk. Pull the trigger?
  4. 8 team, standard (non PPR) league. I have some WR depth (Julio, Galloday, Diggs, Fuller V) and sudden TE depth (Hooper, Henry). I could use another RB (who couldn't??) and offered Diggs and Henry to the team with David Johnson. They've had no luck streaming TEs all year (they started Everett last week) and their WRs aren't much better. Is my offer too much? Not enough? Curious to hear some opinions.
  5. TE? Graham or Olsen ppr

  6. R. Anderson or Mixon at flex? ppr

    Mixon. Cincy does suck but so does AZ
  7. Who to start at TE?

  8. Jeffery or Diggs - Week 5

    Thanks! Any other opinions?
  9. Trade Thielen?

    Minn has some really nice matchups in the next 4-5 weeks (Det, KC, NYG, Was, PHL) so I'd hang onto Thielen, better days are coming.
  10. I've got Julio locked in as my WR1. Who would you start as WR2? Diggs at NYG Jeffery at home vs NYJ Non PPR league
  11. Stupid Kicker Question

    I have Fairbairn also but sticking with him one more week. If HOU can't move the ball and get plenty of scoring chances against ATL's awful defense then I'll pick up a new kicker next week. But I think he'll put up 10+ points this week
  12. Ekeler has been a stud, easily my top player. With Gordon back now I've been checking with the Gordon owner in my league and he has some interest in trading for Ekeler. It's a little hard to figure out what Ekeler's value is now but he has Fournette and Montgomery. Would asking for one of those guys be asking too much?
  13. Drop AB?

    It definitely doesn't feel like he'll be playing again anytime soon, or ever again. I just worry about being that guy who dropped him only to have him sign on with another team and start playing. If you guys had AB on your team, would you go ahead and drop him or hold and see just in case?
  14. Golladay is on the road in PHL and Diggs is at home vs Oak. Non PPR
  15. I have Julio Jones as my WR1 and need to pick my WR2 for this week. JuJu at SF or Golladay at Ind? Standard scoring (non PPR)