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  1. I need a streamer for this week, which would you go with? Cousins vs ATL Minshew vs Detroit
  2. DST Question

    The SEA defense is not what it used to be. They're giving up alot of yardage and points and don't get many sacks.
  3. Trade?

    hard to answer without seeing the rest of your team
  4. I have Russ Wilson on bye this week and need to pick up a streamer. Someone dropped Ryan this week so he's available. These are the best options... Ryan @ Min Fitzpatrick vs NYJ Dalton vs Ariz Cousins vs Atl Goff @ SF Who would you go with?
  5. Bell landing options

    What about Tampa?
  6. Thomas / Hopkins trade offer

    Just circling back on this. I ended up countering with Ertz, AJ Brown, and Gaskin for Thomas and Gordon. I lost Barkley early so even though my RBs still aren't amazing, they are at least serviceable and my WRs are very solid. I'm happy that I was able to hang onto Hopkins and I'll be able to pair him with Thomas QB - Wilson RB - Mostert, Gibson, Gordon, Jackson, Ingram WR - Hopkins, Thomas, Anderson, Fuller TE - Hockenson
  7. Thomas / Hopkins trade offer

    Montana, why so?
  8. Thomas / Hopkins trade offer

    thanks everyone
  9. Thomas / Hopkins trade offer

    So you wouldn't take the trade? There aren't that many solid RBs in a standard scoring league so they're hard to come by.
  10. 10 team standard league. I was just offered Melvin Gordon and Michael Thomas for DeAndre Hopkins. My main hesitation is how bad Brees and the NO offense is looking but perhaps that is because they don't have Thomas. Thoughts? My current RB/WR... RB - Mostert, Gaskin, Gibson, Ingram (I had Barkley but you know what happened there) WR - Hopkins, Fuller, AJ Brown, Robby Anderson
  11. 10 team non PPR I have Swift but he hasn't carved out much of a role yet. Both Henderson and Akers are available (one is one waivers and the other is a FA). Would you drop Swift for one of them?
  12. The Adams owner lost Ekeler and is hurting at RB now. Would offering him AJ Brown and Antonio Gibson be a fair offer? Too little? Too much? It is a 10 team, non PPR league and my WR and RB would look like this: WR - Hopkins, Adams, Anderson, Fuller RB - Mostert, Ingram, Gaskin, Swift (and I can get one of the popular waiver RBs this week...Jackson, Johnson, or Edmonds for depth)
  13. 10 team standard. Kupp and Hunter Henry for Robby Anderson and Ertz