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  1. RB2 Options

  2. RB2 Options

    I have three good options at RB2 for my championship matchup this week. Who would you go with? It is a standard league (non PPR) Boone vs GB Mack vs Carolina D Freeman vs Jax
  3. Hooper or Henry

    Thanks. Anyone else?
  4. Tannehill or Matty Ice for Week 16?

    I've been riding the Tannehills train the past 3 weeks and he's done amazing. But I think this week might be a bit different. I'd go with Ryan this week in your case.
  5. Hooper or Henry

    I picked Hooper up off the waiver wire a few weeks ago when he was injured. Championship week, which TE would you start? Non PPR league by the way. Hunter Henry at home vs Oakland Austin Hooper at home vs Jax Good luck to those of you in the money round
  6. AP or Mack?

    Limping into playoffs with some injuries. Non PPR league. Who would you start today between: Adrian Peterson at home vs PHL Marlon Mack at NO
  7. Watson or Murray

    Given the other questions I’ve seen recently about whether to start Watson this week it looks like I’m not the only one a bit concerned with the matchup with NE. Would you ride with Watson or Kyler Murray at home against the Rams
  8. Let me know if you have any advice
  9. Normally I have Golladay locked in as my WR2 (I have Julio at WR1) but with Stafford likely not playing again and a tough matchup on top of it (Dallas), I'm not feeling great about plugging him in this week. I'm in a non PPR league and I see a couple decent alternatives. Who would you start? Golladay vs Dallas Sanu @ Philadelphia Gallup @ Detroit
  10. I have Watson on bye this week and need to pick up a streamer. Who do you like better? Rivers @ Oakland Murray @ Tampa Bay
  11. Ekeler or Edmonds at Flex?

    I guess just based on potential volume Edmonds is the better start. A bit worried about the matchup against NO’s defense though
  12. Which would you start? Non PPR Edmonds at NO Ekeler at Chicago
  13. Kicker Trade

    totally agree with on
  14. David Johnson - Fair Offer?

    I already made the Henry/Diggs offer but he declined and is asking for Hooper/Diggs instead.