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  1. Juju and Godwin droppable?

    Drop juju
  2. Standard td=6 i have drew brees and Michael Thomas. He has lutz...I know l shouldn’t be nervous but it’s a lock right??
  3. Too many good options

    Aj brown emanuel sanders davnate parker standrd
  4. Pick my WR! Sanders or Parker? Help!

    Sanders wind will be an issue for giants
  5. WDIS

    Pick 2: Marlon Mack vs saints kamara vs colts Sutton Vs kc parker vs nyg slayton Vs mia

    Peterson he will get volume
  7. Pick 2

    Chargers secondary is pretty good, what’s the reason you pick Diggs? +thelien will be out there taking most targets
  8. Pick 2

    Sutton vs kc aj Brown vs hou Slayton vs Mia diggs bs chargers standard
  9. HELP W/wr

    Pick 2: Cooper vs Rams gollowday vs tb woods vs dal Allen Robinson vs Packers
  10. ...Lamar Jackson or Tannehill?

    In the same position. Even if he plays, pull him out after breaking the record— most rushing yards by a qb (23 yards to go)
  11. Pick 2 wr

    Allen Robinson vs packers kenny golladay vs tb amari cooper vs Rams Robert woods vs Cowboys standard td= 6 pts
  12. Start/sit

    Aj brown or Edelman
  13. Tannehill or wentz

    Tannehill and who would you sub A.J. brown for?
  14. Russell Wilson

    Tough call but I’d stick with Wilson. He’ll figure it out vs Carolina