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  1. Te help

    Graham or Hockenson thanks
  2. Lineup help pls

    Thank you... i also need to choose between hockenson or graham... im leaning graham because most of gb wr all injured...
  3. Lineup help pls

    Non ppr auden tate - who i think will be the main target for dalton and prob gna be playing from behind or allen robinson - who is prob gna be covered by lattimore thanks guys
  4. Trade Advice please

    yea im thinking he same... my ears perked up cus i need TE help... i just hope cook stays healthy thanks remy
  5. Trade Advice please

    He just messaged me again saying i can have andrews and a choice of kerryon or johnson
  6. Trade Advice please

    Hey guys i was offered this trade.... Dalvin Cook (me) for David johnson and mark andrews as it stands i am 2-3 in a 12 team non ppr league Qb Rodgers Rb Cook, Michel, Melvin Gordon, Burkhead and Malcom Brown Wr Michael thomas, Allen robinson, dj moore, Emmanuel sanders Te Hockenson and doyle
  7. This week should i start emmanual sanders vs charger or allen robinson vs raiders
  8. Start Melvin??

    Melvin, burkhead, arob.... have to start 1 for flex
  9. Start Melvin??

    Looks like he will be playing on a limited snap count... would u start him?
  10. Agholor tonight?

    Anyone starting nelson tonight?
  11. Wentz or Rodgers tonight?

    Arod... eagles have the worst pass rush. I have arod too... im hoping this is the breakout game we been waiting for
  12. Trade advice please

    Thanks. Yea i have cook who is beasting and hopefully woth melvin coming back its gna make for a great 1 2 punch.
  13. Trade advice please

    I just got offered Alshon and i send him Sony. As it stands these are my rbs n wrs rbs: cook, melvin, malcom brown, justin jackson, sony, burkhead wr: michael thomas, dj moore, arob, sanders, agholor
  14. Justin Jackson worth a start this week?

    Hasnt every team so far pretty much destroyed mia... but i get know what youre getting at... just hope those melvin rumors are true because my team needs him