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  1. Ridley or Engram in 1 pt ppr Wr/Te flex
  2. We/Te flex help

    Need two out of three
  3. We/Te flex help

    Ridley,Kupp or Engram 1 pt ppr Wr/Te flex
  4. Trade advice

    Do it immediately
  5. Start sit advice

    Evans,Thielen,Ridley,Kupp. Have to start 3 in 1 pt PPR
  6. Trade offered

    Thielen,Kupp,Ridley,Gallop and I have to start 3 and up to 4 if I want. All Wr/Te flex
  7. Trade offered

    Thanks for the comments guys. Hard call for me
  8. Trade offered

    Was offered Evans for Engram in a 1 pt PPR that uses a Wr/ Te flex. Should I do it