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  1. Goff or Rivers today??

    Goff on road in prime time against some nice corners. I’d start Rivers
  2. Chris Carson against NO, or Frank Gore against Cincinnati
  3. Which Defense should I play??

    I’d play the bears d
  4. It's pouring in KC..

    I believe Jackson’s and his running game prob a better option than winston
  5. With all this RAIN in KC....

    Agree, stick with Sammy
  6. It's pouring in KC..

    I personally would pick up Winston. Do you start one qb or two?
  7. It's pouring in KC..

    Universal ..what is your other option at qb other than Lamar?
  8. It's pouring in KC..

    So to get back to the weather I am either starting deshaun Watson vs chargers or Lamar Jackson in KC. This rain is going to effect him big time. So who would you Start?
  9. Waiver RBs

    Definitely Hill
  10. WDIS @ WR???

    In Cleve here and expecting baker to hit obj on quick slants, he will get his. Keep him in! And I agree with Evans as well
  11. It's pouring in KC..

    Absolutely! And thanks for the report!
  12. WDIS @ QB

    This is a lot closer because I do think Carson will pick apart the lions D. Both are at home... I’m still starting Rodgers
  13. WR M Thomas or D Thompson

    Thomas, don’t overthink it
  14. Can’t disagree with the other Johnson, Conner, gore
  15. probably overthinking

    Rodgers and the rest looks spot on