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  1. Choose 1 only??

    Which ONE FLEX do you start?? Full PPR League. RB Chris Carson (@LAR, OPRK 11th) RB James White (vs. KC, OPRK 32nd) WR Cooper Kupp (vs. Sea, OPRK 16th) WR Tyreek Hill (@NE, OPRK 1st) I'm already starting Barkley, Fournette, Edelman.
  2. Tough Decision: Who should I start???

    Hill and Edelman have brutal matchups. Wondering if Brady will just keep going to White all game.
  3. PPR League. Choose 1 RB, 1 WR, and 2 Flex: RB Saquon Barkley (@Phi, OPRK 9th) RB Leonard Fournette (vs. LAC, OPRK 25th) RB Chris Carson (@LAR, OPRK 11th) RB James White (vs. KC, OPRK 32nd) WR Cooper Kupp (vs. Sea, OPRK 16th) WR Tyreek Hill (@NE, OPRK 1st) WR Julian Edelman (vs. KC, OPRK 3rd)
  4. This Week: Kupp or Edelman?

    8 teams. Limited bench makes it tough. But at least there's a couple of IR spots.
  5. This Week: Kupp or Edelman?

    Thanks for correcting - just edited my original post.
  6. Edelman is facing Houston and Kupp is facing Arizona. PPR League. My Roster: QB Russell Wilson RB Saquon Barkley WR Tyreek Hill FLEX Leonard Fournette FLEX Cooper Kupp D/ST Ravens D/ST K Harrison Butker Bench Chris Carson Bench Julian Edelman Bench 49ers D/ST
  7. OMG David Johnson?!

    Would you drop anyone on my roster to pick up David Johnson? Ravens have a great playoff schedule coming up (Weeks 14-16), perhaps I can drop the 49ers. I'm guaranteed playoffs. Below is my current roster.
  8. Which QB would you pick up?

    I was hoping Cinci and Arizona would bring out the best in him
  9. I need a QB for weeks 14 and 15 ( I already have Russell Wilson who will play week 16 vs Ari). Which one should I pick up? The best available for those weeks are: Garoppolo (@NO and Atl) Brady (KC and @Cin) Mayfield (Cin and @Ari)
  10. What to offer for Le'Veon Bell???

    I'd say Hill and Hyde is a good offer. You instantly upgrade your RB depth and besides you already have Evans and Kupp so your locked in with your two starters at WR. Bell has a great schedule coming up. Keep Tate he has a favourable schedule during playoffs. When you're dealing with difficult trade partners you're rarely going to get reasonable trades done.
  11. Winston FAAB

    Winston should be good during your playoff weeks. Will have favourable matchups against bad teams during the second half of the season: ARI, ATL, DET, HOU, ATL. Giants were the only bad team he faced early in the season and he dropped 25 on them.