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  1. Hardest FLEX decision ever?

    I'm leaning Perriman here
  2. Flex options are... RB Ingram @ CLE proj 16.1 RB Gurley @ SF proj 14.3 WR Edelman @ BUF proj 15 TE H. Henry @ OAKproj 11.1 RB Boone @ GB proj 15.2 RB Sanders @ DAL proj 16.1 I also have Godwin at WR but he is likely out for the season...
  3. Pick 2 RB

    Mixon at MIA Gurley at SF Ingram at CLE Boone at GB Sanders at DAL Carson at ARI
  4. Hey Irish! I lucked out and beat #2 in the league and get to go up against #1 in the league now. She has all the heaviest hitters: CMC, D. Cook, Thomas, Evans, Dak Prescott, etc...So I reallllly need to put my all into this! Here is my current lineup after toying with waivers a bit... Here is my bench... Should I make any changes? Or attempt to find someone better on waivers? 6 man PPR league.
  5. Hey Irish! Great advice last week so I’m back again What adjustments should I make? Note: I am dropping Darnold QB for Lockett WR as well. That is pending for tomorrow morning, granted someone else doesn’t grab him first!
  6. Cousins or Sam Darnold?

    Cousins is ranked second best in the league when not under pressure. Seattle ranks 30th in the league for pressure. Should be a good game for cousins, although Darnold is going against awful Cinci. I’m in the same boat, trying to decide.
  7. Watson or someone from waivers?

    Any other opinions?
  8. Last minute decision

    I’d roll Conley probably
  9. Watson or someone from waivers?

    Watson @ NE or someone from waivers? Im feeling Darnold maybe?
  10. I dropped Westbrook for him. We’re a 6 man league is the only answer I have as to why he’s there lol.
  11. Thanks for the response! Happy turkey day! I can also pick up Ridley off waivers. Should I entertain the idea of using Ridley over Cooper on flex?
  12. Should I play matchups this week, or go with harder matchups/my studs? Currently looking like... Is there anyone I should look for off of waivers to swap in and out? Im in a 6 man PPR league.
  13. Stick with Patriots D?

    The highest scoring offense. Even then after adjustments the defense held them down. There is no better defense you can use.
  14. Picked up a couple RB. Need start advice!

    Thanks for the advice as always Montana