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  1. Picked up a couple RB. Need start advice!

    Thanks for the advice as always Montana
  2. Picked up a couple RB. Need start advice!

    I need 2RB. Unless you think any of them will be better than Ridley on my Flex lol.
  3. Who Do I Sit ??????

    I’m sitting Cooper myself this week. Gilmore is gonna be on him all night. Chances are slim we see much out of Cooper.
  4. Pick 3!!

    Second this.
  5. Gurley @ BAL Carson @ PHI Scarb @ WSH Samuels @ CIN Ingram @ LAR Matchups suggest Samuels and Scarb. But Carson is Carson, so I figure him and...who? Edit: Pick 2.
  6. Dire TE situation

    I can probably wait that one out to see if Engram gets better, and if he doesn’t then drop him for Fant. I know the second Njoku is active someone will take him though, hence my stress.
  7. Dire TE situation

    I have Kelce, Henry and Engram. Two on BYE and Engram injures. Njoku comes back allegedly this week off IR and he’s available. Also... On waivers, we have Ebron, Fant, McDonald. Do I hold off and see what happens with Engram? Do I jump the gun and try to snag Njoku now before someone picks him up? I would have to drop Engram (Not a huge deal I have Kelce and Henry.) Need advice!
  8. Do we trust Gurley now?

    I have Carson, Ingram, Coleman, and Drake as well. I burnt my second pick on Gurley. Still kicking myself over that.
  9. Do we trust Gurley now?

    Gurley put up good numbers this week. With Cooks and Woods out, McVay seems to have shifted his approach on offense and we are seeing the Rams run game come back a little bit. Is this a result of two key WR being out exclusively? Or should we expect more of the run from the Rams? Can we trust Gurley again yet?
  10. Godwin/Henry for Hopkins?

  11. Godwin/Henry for Hopkins?

    I have Kelce and Engram on TE also.. He really needs a TE with Kittle out. This would give me Cooper, Edelman, and Hopkins I’m WR.
  12. Kareem Hunt

    If that's true, you made out on that trade...

    I wouldn't invest in any player outside of Kupp in the Rams offense this year. The Steelers defense is a solid defense, the problem is they are on the field the entire game because of <insert your own reason here, but I'm blaming Rudolph.>
  14. Kareem Hunt

    More often than not, Chubb was on the field making running drives. If anything I am surprised Hunt is getting as much as he has been. Chubb is #3 in the league behind CMC and D. Cook for yards, I believe.
  15. QB this week

    Matchups are favorable for Finely, Darnold, Tannehill, if those are available. Brees is my vote for top scorer in likeliness. He is going up against an extremely sloppy Tampa secondary.