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  1. Start 2 for Playoffs

    Dosent DK have the better matchup and no Josh Gordon? I think AJB has more volume but still idk
  2. Start 2: AJB, ACooper, DK also on waiver: Miller, Slayton, MWill, C Samuel, J Washington
  3. WR Help!!!!!

    Start 2: AJB, ACooper, DK on waiver: Miller, Slayton, MWill, C Samuel, J Washington

    Gordon sigh..... I wish i listened to you guys. In other news remember me asking questions about blocking my opponent with boone and washington. Well he ended up playing Peyton Barber
  5. Mostert, Gurley, or Gordon? 10 man half ppr
  6. ESanders vs LAR or ACooper vs PHI, AJB vs NO, DK vs Ari? Mostert vs LAR or MGordon vs Oak?
  7. FLEX Question

    Start 1 half ppr Boone vs GB, Washington vs LAC, or Mostert vs LAR And would you start any of them over Melvin Gordon vs Oak this week
  8. NEED 1 FLEX

    Start Mosterat, Boone, or Washington over MGordon and Gurley? Im already startin Saquon and Ingram. Half ppr
  9. Thanks man...but now Boone is available on waivers. Do I drop E Sanders or Gallup now? Hold? Am i doing too much?
  10. Appreciate you reaching out man i dropped HIgbee and OBJ for Mosterat and Washington. However now Boone is just shot up on waivers. Do I drop someone for him
  11. Higbee E Sanders or Gallup first? Given they own Ertz Thomas Boyd Crowder KAllen
  12. He has Thomas Boyd Keenan and Crowder at flex. His Rb's are McCaffery and Jacobs. I really need all the help I can lol. Who do I drop for them? OBJ and Sanders? How about Higbee since Everett is back
  13. Which lineup do you like better??

    Broncos run D tho, I think I like Boone better. Never know it can be an rbbc in oak