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  1. Rejected. I have a potential offer giving away Godwin and David Johnson for Miles Sanders and Brandon Cooks. Thoughts?
  2. Okay, well I sent the trade offer of Godwin/DJ to the Cook owner. Let me see what happens there first. Thanks Irish!
  3. So, I have all these guys except Gaskin. So would you try to trade away DJ for GaskIn straight up?
  4. Hey Irish! I'm thinking of making a trade offer to a desperate Dalvin Cook owner. He's hurting at RB and WR. Would you offer Godwin and David Johnson for Dalvin Cook and Mattison? That would give me RB's of CMC, Cook, Swift, Jackson, and Edmonds, and WR's of Hopkins, Claypool, and Higgins. Thoughts? Thanks! Slim
  5. Okay Irish, will you please rank these RB’s ROS in a half ppr: Swift David Johnson Edmonds Gaskin Justin Jackson Thanks! Slim
  6. Okay Irish, I have 2 TE questions. 1) Currently have Fant and Shultz. Assuming Fant plays, which one do you like this week? 2) Jared Cook is available on the WW. Do you like him ROS over Fant or Shultz? Thanks! Slim
  7. Okay Irish, voice of reason, how about this? Would you try to move CMC for an RB1, or perhaps a top tier TE if this was your team at 3-2? Or, would you try to to stay afloat as is until CMC returns, not knowing if it could possibly be more of a timeshare with Davis when he gets back? QB - Cam, Dalton RB- CMC, David Johnson, Edmonds, Swift, Jackson WR- Hopkins, Godwin, Claypool, Higgins, Shenault TE- Fant, Shultz Thoughts? Thanks! Slim
  8. Well, when I started 3-0, I wasn’t really interested in trades. But now that I’m 3-2, I’m starting to feel desperate! I lost Dak. Still down CMC. Godwin has been on my bench most of the season. I don’t know?!?
  9. Irish, the voice of reason. Yes, thank you.
  10. Irish! Ugh! I have been waiting on CMC to come back, and thought it would be next week. I just read it could be week 8, or even later! Geez! Should I try to trade for Mike Davis? The guy that has Davis really doesn't have any good RBs, so he might take David Johnson for him. Should I offer him D.J. for Davis? That would leave me with CMC/Mike Davis as my RB1, and some combination of Edmonds, Swift, Justin Jackson as my RB2. Thoughts? Thanks! Slim
  11. Okay, and no interest in Deebo over any of my WRs then, correct?
  12. Hello Irish! Someone in my league dropped Deebo Samuel. Is he worth picking up over any of my WR’s? I have Hopkins, Godwin, Shenault, Higgins, and Claypool. I’m also carrying a 2nd QB right now, but I have Cam and theoretically don’t need another QB since he’s already had his bye. Could go that route. Thoughts? Thanks! Slim
  13. Hey Irish! I have Fant and Shultz at TE. Goedert is available on the WW. Any interest in him over my current TEs? Thanks, Slim