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  1. Hey Irish! Nervous about Jacobs. Should I just start Mixon? Thanks! Slim
  2. Thanks Irish! Always appreciate your thoughts! Good luck today!
  3. Hey Irish! With the weather forecast for MNF in Philly, I think Sanders is still a good play, but should I be concerned about Jake Elliot? I could play Butker today instead. Your thoughts? Thanks! Slim Also, I just saw that the Jets may be without some important people on defense. You still play the Jets D over the Ravens and Steelers?
  4. Hey Irish! It’s looking like Josh Jacobs may be a game time decision, and may not be trustworthy even if he plays. I was thinking of just playing Mixon instead of him, and then Sanders in the flex. Could also play Robby Anderson in the flex, but Sanders has been getting a ton of work with Howard out. DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard also available, but I don’t think they start over Mixon or Sanders. Half ppr. Your thoughts? Thanks! Slim
  5. Hey Irish! If Julio plays with his shoulder issue, do you start him for sure? My other options are Gallup tomorrow night, and Robby Anderson on Sunday. Pascal and James Washington also available. Half ppr. Thoughts? Thanks! Slim
  6. Thanks Irish! And here comes a kicker question. We talkin’ about kickers?! I have Butker, but Jake Elliot and Sam Fickens are available, and most rankings I see have Elliot higher than Butker, and also Fickens in some. Thoughts? Roll with Butker, or add a K?
  7. Hey Irish! Which D you like this week, please? Jets vs Miami Ravens at Buffalo Steelers at Cardinals Thanks! Slim
  8. Hey Irish! I'm only going to ask you this once, lol. Half ppr, need one. Jonathan Williams Miles Sanders Joe Mixon Thanks! Slim
  9. Ha! Okay okay. Well, that wasn't EXACTLY the same question that I asked yesterday (twice for some reason). Thanks Irish!
  10. Happy Turkey Irish! I'm sure I speak for all of us here when I say, that I'm thankful for you on this day, and that you take the time to give us your thoughts on our fantasy questions. So thank you sir! Now my question. I just read something about Julio. It said Marshon Lattimore is expected to back tonight to cover him, and that if Julio plays through his shoulder injury, he could be more of a decoy. Would that make you want to bench him in favor of Gallup? Or even McLaurin? Thanks again Irish! Your input is always appreciated! Slim
  11. No idea why that posted twice, sorry. Thanks Irish! Haveca Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Hey Irish! With Julio looking like a game time decision on Thursday night, would you go ahead and play Gallup earlier in the day, or wait until Sunday and play McLaurin if Julio doesn’t go? Thanks! Slim
  13. Hey Irish! With Julio looking like a game time decision on Thursday night, would you go ahead and play Gallup earlier in the day, or wait until Sunday and play McLaurin if Julio doesn’t go? Thanks! Slim
  14. Hey Irish! Okay, so here’s my team. 12 team half ppr QB Lamar RB Fournette, Jacobs, Mixon, Sanders WR Julio, Adams, Gallup, McLaurin, Slayton TE Waller, Njoku K Prater D Steelers, Ravens, Jets Available on waivers: Jonathan Williams, Penny, Snell, A.J. Brown, Robby Anderson I’ve secured a playoff spot. Do you think any of these available waiver options would be good for me to add for the playoff weeks? And if so, who would you drop? I’m pretty sure I’ve got way too many defenses for your liking, but they all have such great playoff matchups during different weeks. Also, someone dropped Butker. Would you rather have him over Prater? Thanks! Slim
  15. Okay Irish, in a half ppr this week, I need one of these for a flex please. Mixon Sanders Gallup McLaurin Thanks! Slim
  16. Hey Irish! My IR spot is open. You think Funchess or Njoku are with a stash? Thanks! Slim
  17. Hey Irish! In a half ppr, you still like McLaurin over Gallup, and Mixon over Sanders? Thanks! Slim
  18. Okay, so with Davante Adams on bye I’ll play McLaurin over Gallup. If Jordan Howard is out, would you play Sanders or Mixon in the flex?
  19. Nice! I’d like to have that done. Hopefully it’s awesome for you!
  20. Hey Irish! If Jordan Howard is out this weekend, please rank the following players. Half ppr Mixon Sanders Gallup McLaurin Thanks! Slim
  21. Roger that Irish! I assume you would play Steelers D tonight at CLE over Jets D at WAS on Sunday?
  22. Okay Irish- Fantasy playoff defense question. Right now I have the Steelers and the Jets. My current plan is to play the Jets in week 14 at home against the Dolphins, and the Steelers week 15 at home against the Bills, and also week 16 at the Jets. Someone in my league just dropped the Ravens defense, and their schedule is @BUF, NYJ, and @CLE for weeks 14-16. Should I pick up the Ravens and make them part of my playoff plan, or stick with the Jets and Steelers? Thanks! Slim