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  1. Trade: Ripped off?

    Because I’m an idiot. I wasn’t aware that Johnson likely wouldn’t be playing
  2. Trade: Ripped off?

    It was the league manager, moreover. “I got robbed by a little old lady in a motorized cart.. and I didn’t even see it coming!” -Lloyd Kristmas, Dumb & Dumber
  3. Trade: Ripped off?

    Matt Breida is available as the top RB FA. Should I drop David Johnson for Breida? Field Yates is saying that “David Johnson is not usable in fantasy football.”
  4. Trade: Ripped off?

    I just completed a trade of my George Kittle for David Johnson and Kenyan Drake. I have Ertz at TE, as well. Was this a fair trade in your opinion, or did I trade a top 3 TE for two backs whose stock is either questionable or severely declining? 10 team PPR
  5. Need Help

    Golden Tate, Devante Parker, Deebo Samuels
  6. Saquon or Conner?

    Which would you rather have on your team ROS: Saquon Barkley or James Conner? 10 team PPR Conner is dealing with the same shoulder injury again and is questionable for who knows how long. Also I’ve heard some rumors of Saquon being benched or limited for the rest of the season to keep him healthy. Both of these RB’s seem like huge questions right now. Ive got Saquon and I’m looking at a trade of Saquon for Conner. Don’t know if I should go through with it. What would you do? Thanks
  7. 49ers or Vikings defense today?
  8. Is this trade good in your opinion? My Saquon Barkley for his James Connor
  9. RB2: Michel reliable?

    Hey guys, I have Sony Michel in at RB2 this week to cover for Saquon. Do you like Michel’s odds for points vs the Eagles or should I pick up someone from waivers? 10 team PPR on waivers: Damien Williams KC Brian Hill ATL Duke Johnson HOU Carlos Hyde HOU

    Sounds like you’re in a different league type than me. Dynasty league? I’ve never done dynasty so I’m afraid my advice won’t hold much sway. But if there’s no chance for you, yes I’d take that third round
  11. Week 12 BYE: Drop for kicker?

    Good points, guys. Thanks for the advice. I can probably afford to drop Parker. If I want to pick him up again later I probably can. I don’t think anyone’s going to be in a hurry to get him.
  12. Hey guys I have all of my positions covered for BYE weeks except for my kicker, Harrison Butker, week 12. I don’t feel I can afford to drop anyone for a replacement kicker so should I just eat the points and go without a kicker that week? What would you do? 10 team PPR •Matt Ryan QB •Nick Chubb RB •Saquon Barkley RB •Calvin Ridley WR •Robert Woods WR •George Kittle TE •DJ Chark WR FLEX •Vikings D/ST •Harrison Butker K • Sony Michel RB •49ers D/ST •Tyler Lockett WR •DK Metcalf WR •Zach Ertz TE •Devante Parker WR •Golden Tate WR
  13. T Lockett questionable: Replacement?

    If they don’t know anything more by Sunday morning I’m going to have to go with Woods I guess. Can’t risk putting Lockett in if he ends up not playing
  14. T Lockett questionable: Replacement?

    If there’s no definite announcement by Sunday morning about Lockett’s status then I’ll be forced to play one of those two mentioned. Injuries are hurting me this week with Kittle and Lockett both questionable.
  15. With Lockett questionable for Monday’s game with a hip injury, I’m becoming spread thin at WR. Calvin Ridley and Golden Tate round off the WR2 and FLEX positions but who do I replace for Lockett at WR1? 10 team PPR Robert Woods LAR Jarvis Landry CLE I put in a trade for DK Metcalf tonight thinking that I would have him in time for Monday’s game but forgot that since the play week has already begun it won’t go through until Tuesday.