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  1. WR to start

    So 2 KC WR, correct?
  2. WR to start

    I can start 3 WR. I have Hill tonight. I have Adams but idk if he is going to play. What other 2 WR should I run if he doesn't play. I have Mclaurin, Hardman, C. Davis, Sanu, and Lazard.
  3. Hey guys, just wanting to know what you think about my team and if I should make some changes. I'm currently 3-3 because losing Hill and Henry at the beginning really hurt me. Now I have Adams hurting... - 12 man league PPR - QB get 0.5 points for each completed pass and losses 0.25 for each incomplete pass. - RB get 2 points for 10 yards rushed instead of 1 point The lineup is: QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE QB: Jared Goff QB: Matthew Stafford RB: Alvin Kamara RB: James Conner RB: Jordan Howard WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Davante Adams WR: Terry McLaurin WR: Mohamed Sanu WR: Corey Davis WR: Mecole Hardman WR: Allen Lazard TE: Hunter Henry TE: Jason Witten
  4. Josh Jacobs Trade

    So would you keep Terry? Why? Just Wondering.
  5. Josh Jacobs for Jordan Howard and Terry McLaurin If you were team A, would you take this deal? Also, Is this too little or too much for Jacobs. A: The team with Jacobs has: Coleman and Lindsay for RB and Mike Evans, Landry, Marquise Brown, Gallup, and Crowder for WR B: The team with Howard and McLaurin has: Kamara and Conner for RB and Adams, Hill, Hardman, C. Davis, Sanu, and Lazard for WR.
  6. Would you take this trade? Saquon Barkley for James Conner and Terry Mclaurin
  7. Would you keep James Conner or would you try to trade him??
  8. WR's to Start

    Yeah, I know he is going. I'm wondering if I should start 2 KC WR'S since I'm facing Mahomes this week in fantasy.
  9. Henry or Witten

    Hunter Henry or Jason Witten?
  10. WR's to Start

    Any other thoughts?
  11. 1 RB and 1 Flex

    For RB: choices are Melvin Gordon, Joe Mixon, Matt Breida For Flex: choices are JuJu, Sutton, Jones Jr., Or the other 2 RB not selected from above.
  12. Which QB

    Anyone else?
  13. Which QB

    Stafford or Goff Goff will be down a couple weapons while Stafford has all of his. Who do you like more?