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  1. Thought this might be a fun and challenging question for the FF world. Got a minor conundrum in my primary league. 12 team PPR. I got Carson, Hopkins, B. Cooks, and Hooper as starts but I need to fill a 5th and final lineup spot. You can literally make a case for any of these 4 guys, and it's a dynamic list to pick from. Literally all 4 players have a different team role. I was gonna roll a dice but I'll let the good people on this forum decide. I will start the winner in my lineup if this post actually gets a few replies and there are no ties. 1) Austin Eckler 2) David Montgomery 3) Zack Ertz 4) Allen Robinson Lineup (for reference): L. Jackson C. Carson D. Hopkins B. Cooks ??????? A. Hooper Z. Gonzales 49'ers Defense Bench: D. Prescott A. Eckler D. Montgomery R. Burkhead D.K. Metcalf D. Johnson (PIT) A. Robinson M. William's (LAC) Z. Ertz Hopefully this post is a little more fun with the objectivity aspect. Cheers!
  2. Opinions on Lamar Jackson trade

    Thanks Cade, I am also a huge Steeler fan. Some of my best memories was being in Oakland for the super bowl win against the Cards and attending the AFC championship win vs the Jets. But he does see value cuz I offered the trade, took it down, then he offered it back. I'm getting mixed opinions between the 3 formats I use. A lot of people are saying try to replace Jackson with Prescott in the trade
  3. Opinions on Lamar Jackson trade

    So what ya think fellas? Should I go for it?
  4. Opinions on Lamar Jackson trade

    That's what makes it more intricate than face value. Montgomery is going into a buy but Kerryon is coming off one which is how I would have to look at losing out on Jackson tearing up Cincy. Dak Prescott would be my starter and Allen would be my backup. I was stacked at QB and TE for being 12 teams. I'll post a visual
  5. 12 team PPR, I offered Lamar Jackson and David Montgomery for Josh Allen and Kerryon Johnson. Trade analyzers give him the slight edge, but I only offered because I also have Dak Prescott who has same buy week as Jackson. Should I pull the trigger and finalize the deal, or stick with the 2 stud QB's and hope Montgomery picks it up a bit? Edit: we also dont lose points for interceptions in my league, so Allen's picks wont be a concern.
  6. Brady or Jackson?

    Jackson by a hair because NE will be able to run on Washington and shut down their offense. I got an even tougher one. Lamar Jackson vs Pitt or Dak Prescott vs New Orleans with Teddy B. Running their offense?
  7. Who won this trade?

    Lol whoever would want Gordon for Hopkins and Ertz simply because of a mediocre start while we dont know what shape Gordon is in and Eckler has beasted and will play a big role still is a simpleton, no offense to them. Looks like you are in an 8 team league or something. If its 12 team, he had talent to spare to I would be glad he made a dumb deal like that.
  8. Still need some opinions on my stacked league

    Lol I just realized I kept saying Miller anyways. Derp.
  9. Henry Trade

    You offered him that or he offered you that?
  10. Mack for Montgomery?

    You would be trading Mack for Montgomery? Mack has been the bigger FF points scorer this year, but Montgomery is clearly the bell-cow and I'm tempted to start him this week to break out against the raiders, but many advise me I have better options. One thing I noticed is Chicago's wacky coaches. When Chicago played Washington, the would try to force-feed passes both during first and goal from the 1 (TD to that guy who had 3 and prob was on the coaches fantasy team), and again with 1st and goal from the 5 which was a pick. Montgomery is the exact type of back to bounce of tackles in those situations and shoulda been the clear call. But I think Chicago's coach is blazing some herb or something.
  11. FLEX HELP??

    Tyreek Hill is still out right? Someone was supposed to be coming back that hurts one of my players (I also have D.Rob) but I'm probably thinking of Tevin Coleman. I would go D. Rob as well
  12. Still need some opinions on my stacked league

    That's actually who I have set to go right now Corn to the Cobb. Feels reassuring to hear my picks verified. Thanks.
  13. Still need some opinions on my stacked league

    I have Hooper as of now so that gives me some reassurance. This QB thing is killing me tho. Both have the potential to light it up. But both also have the potential to have a mediocre game.
  14. Still need some opinions on my stacked league

    Ahhhhhh my bad. I did actually draft Lamar Miller as my RB3 in my first league and then his leg bent in a way that was hard to watch and I lost him for the season. I meant Prescott or L. Miller, and Ertz or Hooper. I could actually start both TE's and would had I have benched Cooks. Problem is, I would be leaving Eckler, Montgomery, and Allen Robinson on my bench (as well as 2 other big play dependent players). So I really wanna go with just 1.