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  1. Going to the chip!!...Wait oh shh

    Yeah, you just never know - you always have a chance. I was projected to win by 30 pts, and I'm fighting for my life (need 11 out of Kamara) ..
  2. Up 46 Points am I going to the Chip??

    Drake on the bench? Oops.
  3. Sit butker today in snow?

    Well I have no more waiver moves available this week... So it's Butker for me!
  4. And Adams is out for the Jets...
  5. Made even tougher by Adams being out for the Jets. Thoughts?
  6. No Deebo love? He has been pretty great for about a month. Washington is pretty much only an option if JuJu is out again.
  7. For sure, with my WR crew, it definitely wouldn't be any of those guys, haha. I'd play one if I could, and play both Bell and Jacobs.
  8. So you'd go Andrews at TE... what about the flex? I always lean towards RBs, but Waller has been pretty consistent too and I can't rule him out completely. Thanks!
  9. Do i need a back up qb?

    I have a hard time trusting Baker. I currently don't have a backup on my roster, but mostly because the only way Jackson sits is if he gets hurt. Dak has played well against good pass defenses this season (except for the NE game), but put up about 25 against Minn and Buffalo. I'd roll with him this week.
  10. Someone dropped Thielen...

    I don't know that I would play Mack over any of your top 3 RB. I might drop a D for Thielen - you planning on playing the Chiefs over the Steelers for any of the remaining games?
  11. Okay, so full team is in my sig, but I'd appreciate some feedback on a couple of spots. Here is where I'm at now for my lineup this week: QB: Jackson WR1: Godwin WR2: ??? (OBJ v. Cincy, Hilton v. Tampa, Deebo v. Saints, J. Washington v. Arizona) RB1: CMC RB2: Kamara TE: ??? (Waller v. Titans, Andrews v. Buffalo) FLEX: ??? (I'm thinking its between the one of the TE above or: Jacobs v. Titans, Bell v. Miami) K: Butker D/ST: Baltimore Any opinions on those last spots would be awesome - thanks all!
  12. Question

    Its a cool idea, although I don't really have anything to add, haha. We have a trophy, and the next winners name is added to it each year, which is kind of cool. We are on year 9.
  13. Obj for Sony michel

    Right? In any case, I agree - regular league, I would do it for sure; keeper league, no way.