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  1. So I am guessing you are "Guy #1"? Haha.
  2. Drop David Johnson?

    Because I think he will have an impact down the stretch - at least more than Hill will.
  3. WR/TE ROS ?

    I'd personally keep Kupp and trade Allen.
  4. Need Some Help My Dudes! - WHIR

    I'd copy and paste my answer from the other duplicate thread... but I'm too lazy.
  5. Drop Juju or Ballage for Butker??

    I would drop either for Butker, but Ballage first. I just dropped him to pick up Koo, because I wanted to keep Butker.
  6. Which WR Rest of Season?

    Agreed, and it's not even very close
  7. Week 12 SUPER BOWL IN SIGHT!!!!!

    Personally I wouldn't. Looks like Wilkins could maybe be back, and Hines will play too.
  8. Drop JuJu?

    I made this same thread last week. Amazingly, I will be dropping him for a kicker this week, as I don't want to let Butker go. Haha.
  9. Week 12 SUPER BOWL IN SIGHT!!!!!

    I think so... take the volume every time.
  10. DeVante Parker or Jamison Crowder?

    PPR? Crowder without a doubt. Standard would be much closer.
  11. The way that offense goes, even if he doesn't run he will have 10 targets in the passing game. In full PPR that's big time.
  12. Scoring? In PPR Samuels would be a great pickup, and should be prioritized over either of those guys.
  13. Dak next week?

    Yeah I'd go Darnold. I really don't want anything to do with that Pats secondary. You can run on that team, but it's damn near impossible to throw on them.
  14. Desperate at rb

    Still the best pickup if paper Connor is out. I like Guice and BoScar, although both are just dart throws really.
  15. DST ROS!

    I actually have both, but have been rolling with the Pats. I'll probably only use Baltimore week 14 when the Pats play KC.