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  1. Pick 3

    I have 2 WR spots to fill and a flex spot that can be a RB. dede Westbrook zach pascal terry McLaurin deebo samuel raheem mostert pick 3
  2. Pick 1 flex

    Lesean McCoy, Zach pascal or Raheem mostert?
  3. Goedert or hollister?

    Ertz Is playing, hollister coming off injury as well.
  4. Deshaun Watson v Patriots or sam Darnold at cinci? im leaning Darnold. If it helps, I’m a big underdog in my Playoff matchup and feel like I need higher upside vs higher floor. I just think the pats defense is too good to see Watson going off on them
  5. Currently have lions (v Chicago) and Green Bay (@ NY Giants) on the roster, projected 9.2 and 7 pts respectively. panthers (v Washington) and Jets (@ cinci) projected for 12.1 and 9 pts respectively are available on waivers. who do you start? Waivers run tonight and I’m going up against the best team in the league, need all the help I can get.
  6. Green Bay D...

    What about the jets who have cinci and Miami the next two weeks?
  7. Bo Scarabough or Jonathan Williams?

    Practice was a walk-through, not a true practice.
  8. Colts RB?

    Last article I read said Williams/ Wilkins will split carries and Hines with be 3rd down back.
  9. Team Pooped the Bed! Big MNF Decision.

    If you’re playing from behind and think it’s a Hail Mary, I’d lean Henry for the td pass/catch stack and hope LA has a big game.
  10. Flex start- pick 1

    Haha what was the revelation?
  11. Must win or season over who should I start??

    This x’s 2
  12. Flex start- pick 1

    Thanks for the replies, anyone else?
  13. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    Ugh, probably Ebron or fells. Then I’d definitely pick up hollister. I don’t like goedert vs patriots, with ertz heating up
  14. Connor shuster or odell

    My best guess is a run heavy game. Pitt is a turnover monster on defense, baker has been a turnover machine (minus last 2 games). With baker in, I still go Connor.
  15. TE Free Agent Pick Up?

    I just went through this exact situation and picked up O.J. Howard and hollister on my roster