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  1. Do I start Tannehill over Goff?

    appreciate your advice. im leaning towards tannehill too because of the matchup
  2. Who do I start? Goff @ PIT (Away game) or Tannehill vs KC (Home game)

    Do I start Gore or Singletary? This is a 1 Point per Reception league
  4. This is a 1 point per reception league Who should I play? Austin Ekeler @ CHI or Chase Edmonds @NO p.s. David Johnson is officially out this week
  5. Flex help

    Mixon and i still pick ekeler cuz he gets lots of receptions normally since your in a full PPR
  6. Do I start WENTZ OR GOFF???

    Thanks for that advice bro.
  7. Do I start WENTZ OR GOFF???

    Again, I have this dilemma. Last week picking Wentz over Goff was the good decision obvsiously, but this week Goff has a more favorable matchup. Do I start: Wentz @ DAL?? or Goff @ ATL?? Thank you in advance for your help
  8. E. Sanders or D Moore? / Drake or Peterson? PPR

    thanks for the advice guys
  9. 1 Point Per Reception: Emmanuel Sanders vs TN or DJ Moore @ TB? and Kenyan Drake vs WAS or Adrian Peterson @ MIA? Thank you
  10. WAIVERS: Drake, Peterson, or Barber???

    AP will definitely have more rushing yards. But drake will definitely have receptions. And since I'm in a PPR league I still am leaning towards drake. But I'm thinkin AP could have over 100 yards rushing and TD. Rough one. Unless you think the Redskins are gonna blow out the dolphins? I think itll be a close game.
  11. Pickup Minshew to start over Wentz?

    I would cut samuel for minshew. but i feel like you should still start wentz
  12. WAIVERS: Drake, Peterson, or Barber???

    Forgot to mention this is a 1 point per reception league. just updated it
  13. AP or Drake this week

    With a standard AP for sure! Drake would be a possibility with PPR
  14. AP or Drake this week

    bump this! lol this is my issue!! my RBs are on a bye and dont know who to play. Drake has a bigger upside because of the PPR but AP can rush 100 yards easy on this defense. the 2 worst teams in the NFL battling it out. crazy
  15. Sitting cooks

    Adams and golladay 100% . if adams is a no go, i would go with TY williams if he is healthy. if he isnt healthy then i would go with cooks again. Most likely Adams will be good to go this week