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  1. New Bang Cartoon

    Not good!
  2. Weekly Blitz

    Cinci Jax KC Philly SDC
  3. Didn't Blitz tell you already, start the players that score the most points. Now don't say , I didn't help you.
  4. darn, I missed the Pile on the Newb thread, Hey Newb
  5. Am I Overracting?

    Do the deal!
  6. Whats the better trade?

    Somebody break it to him.
  7. Server issues

    Uh oh, spoke to soon!
  8. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    Sky the biggest impact of the whole game was Trotter getting ejected, next an Illeagle hit on mcnabb, the rest is history.
  9. Atlanta player fined!

    You don't say!
  10. The unthinkable has happened ...

    Yep, that had to be the way he found the Huddle.
  11. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    McNabb got blitzed all night long(38 times) and was totally off after getting hit in the chest, otherwise both mcnabb and TO would have had a feild day! Hall got helped greatly by the blitz etc.
  12. Server issues

    So far , so good.
  13. The unthinkable has happened ...

    All I am saying , is you let the cat out of the bag.
  14. The unthinkable has happened ...

    Unthinkable Huh? You talk about it all the time then you showed him around, unthinkable!