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    My Life Tattoos pay the Bills now. Ever in Philly and need some Ink, just let me know. Huddler discounts available.

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  1. Manning... 51 TDs

    Gotta like him
  2. NFL Coach of the Year

    Chip Kelly
  3. Foles - stud

    Yes thank you
  4. I won good for around $2600
  5. What do you need tonight to keep rolling

    Headed to the Championship in my long time league and I think i lost in HOT Championship
  6. Anybody 7 - 0?

    Mine 10 Team Local since 95 , Bid real money no cap. $100 entry.
  7. Anybody 7 - 0?

    6-1 Peyton Manning Tony Romo Alfred Morris Eddie Lacy Jamal Charles Wes Welker Demarius Thomas Eric Decker Juulius Thomas Mason Crosby Jarrod Allen JJ Watt Lavonte David Navarro Bowman Luke Kueckly Rashad Jones DeAngelo Hall Chicago Bears All Start no bench
  8. Injuries from week six

    Demarcus Ware
  9. Daryl Richardson this week

    Roto says he's not Staring
  10. S.Jackson to Locker Room

    He will most likely miss this' game 3 like last season same deal . It stinks getting old
  11. Weekly rankings

    I'm paid every year
  12. Just quit my day job

  13. Not much to be thankful for right now

    Sorry to hear that