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  1. So I'm down by 22 points in the championship game. It's a PPR league. My opponent is done and I have Aaron Jones left to play tomorrow night. However, Mike Boone is still available on waivers. Am I completely insane for even considering picking up Boone and starting him over Aaron Jones? Thoughts?
  2. Am I crazy? Jones vs Boone

    Ohhh yeaaaa, definitely started Jones. Even if Boone had done better, I decided I’d rather lose with Jones than risk that embarrassment. Took the championship by 6 points. That second touchdown though, I screamed soo loud.
  3. Who do I pair with Courtland Sutton: Breshad Perriman vs HOU or Kenny Golladay @ DEN.
  4. Ryan Tannehill vs NO Aaron Rodgers @MIN Carson Wentz vs DAL Leaning towards Tannehill, but it's still hard to start him over Rodgers. Who would you pick?
  5. With Mike Evans and Marvin Jones both officially done, my WR depth has gone from strong to questionable. Courtland Sutton vs DET Kenny Golladay @DEN Terry McLaurin vs NYG Breshad Perriman vs HOU Sutton and Golladay seem like the obvious choices but Kenny Golladay hasn't been Kenny Golladay recently and doesn't have Jones to take some of the defensive pressure off of him anymore. Who would you start? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  6. Aaron Rodgers vs CHI - because it's Aaron Rogers or Ryan Tannehill vs HOU because he's been so hot recently Other options: Wentz @ WSH Garoppolo vs ATL Manning vs MIA Mayfield @ARI Fitzpatrick @NYG
  7. Pick 2 PPR league

    So I lost both Mike Evans and Marvin Jones this past week so I'm trying to decide what my best options are without them for my WR2 and Flex spots: Courtland Sutton @KC Joe Mixon vs NE Terry McLaurin vs PHI Basically, is McLaurin a better play than either Sutton or Mixon. He hasn't been playing well recently while the other two have been decent. However McLaurin does have a much better matchup (28th) the Sutton (2nd) or Mixon (1st) Thanks for the advice, have a great night.
  8. Who to Drop?

    Need to drop at least one of these guys: Royce Freeman Terry McLaurin Brian Hill Also rostered: RB: Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon WR: Mike Evans, Courtland Sutton, Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones
  9. Best QB matchup

    Looking at Week 15 matchups: Aaron Rodgers vs CHI Carson Wentz @WAS Jimmy Garoppolo vs ATL NIck Foles @OAK Daniel Jones vs MIA
  10. Pick 3 to start

    PPR League: Courtland Sutton Kenny Golladay Joe Mixon Brian Hill Terry McLaurin
  11. PPR League: Currently have Eric Ebron starting in place of Austin Hooper. Other options include: Ebron vs JAX Goedert vs NE Fells vs BAL Gesicki vs BUF Dwelley vs ARI Eifert vs OAK Fant vs MIN Rudolph vs DEN Or Hooper's replacements (Luke Stocker or Jaeden Graham) vs CAR
  12. Offering Joe Mixon for Ravens D/ST Currently have Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones, and Royce Freeman as my other RBs. Slightly worried about McCaffrey's Questionable status and with Freeman on bye Mixon is my only backup. But this is the only week he might consider taking the trade. Is it worth the risk or should I keep Mixon as my RB4?
  13. Mixon for Ravens D/ST

    Actually have the Bills defense for this week. Looking to get the ravens to stash them for their Week 14-16 matchups.
  14. Is Chirs Herndon worth keeping the rest of the season when I have Austin Hooper as my starter? Other flex options include: Marvin Jones, Royce Freeman, Courtland Sutton, Joe Mixon, and Terry Mclaurin. I'm thinking of dropping him so I can stash a second D/ST for the playoffs.
  15. QB- Aaron Rogers RB- Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones WR- Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay TE- Austin Hooper Flex- Marvin Jones D/ST- Bills K- Justin Tucker Bench: Carson Wentz Kyle Allen Royce Freeman Joe Mixon Courtland Sutton Terry Mclaurin Chris Herndon With no more bye weeks aside from Rogers and Jones next week, I feel more comfortable about dropping one or two of my extra guys and preparing for the playoffs. Keeping Allen for one more week so I don't have to play Wentz vs NE and then I'm dropping him. Could use a second roster spot though so I'm thinking about dropping one of my position players. Who would you drop and why?
  16. Help clearing up roster spot.

    Keeping Allen only for Rodgers Week 11 bye. (Allen vs ATL > Wentz vs NE) After that I'm definitely dropping him. Good ideas though. Anyone else you'd consider dropping?
  17. Help clearing up roster spot.

    Looking to stash a D/ST for the playoffs (Bills don't have a great Week 14-16 schedule) and possibly an extra kicker or QB. I just don't know if I really need this many position players with no more bye weeks coming up.
  18. Week 11 QB help

    I have Rodgers as my starter and Wentz as his back up for his Week 11 bye. But of course Wentz is facing the Patriots that so I'm trying to look at possible other options. The best available at the moment are: Carson Wentz vs NE Kirk Cousins vs DEN Jimmy Garoppolo vs ARI Jared Goff vs CHI Kyle Allen vs ATL *Nick Foles vs IND I'm leaning towards picking up Garoppolo and then deciding between him and Wentz when the time comes. Thoughts?
  19. Help at TE

    I got Austin Hooper on a bye week so I need a fill in for Week 9. I have Delanie Walker on roster just for this but he might be hurt/not the best option anymore. Top fill-ins: -Delanie Walker vs CAR -Jack Doyle vs PIT -Dallas Goedert vs CHI -Eric Ebron vs PIT -Chris Herndon vs MIA -Darren Fells vs JAX
  20. Crosby or Tucker?

    So Justin Tucker became available because of the bye and I had someone on IR so I figured I'd pick him up. Of course, now I dont really need two kickers and I'd rather pick up an extra flex player. Who should I keep for possibly the rest of the season between Mason Crosby and Justin Tucker?
  21. Starting Lineup (PPR League): RB: Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones WR: Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay Flex Options: Courtland Sutton, Joe Mixon, Marvin Jones, Royce Freeman, Ty Johnson
  22. Trade Advice

    Give: Joe Mixon Receive: Melvin Gordon I have Joe Mixon right now, but he's been strugging. Should I trade Joe Mixon for Melvin Gordon, or stick with Mixon a little longer?
  23. Trade Advice

    No, sorry. I have Mixon right now. Thinking about trying to trade for Melvin Gordon.
  24. Who to drop?

    Need a 2nd D/ST for a bye week but not 100% sure who to drop for it. Bench: Marvin Jones Jr. Royce Freeman Courtland Sutton Terry McLaurin Jimmy Graham Delanie Walker I'm assuming Jimmy Graham because I have Austin Hooper starting w/ Walker as backup, but I'm also not so sure Walker is any better than Graham. Or I drop McLaurin, but I'm intrigued to see if he can improve and get consistent.
  25. Trade: Mike Evans WR and Joe Mixon RB Recieve: Alshon Jeffery WR and James Conner RB Also on roster: WR: Kenny Golladay, Courtland Sutton, Marvin Jones Jr., and Terry McLaurin RB: Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones, and Royce Freeman