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  1. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    I have Johnson, very strong at RB, mediocre at WR.. I wouldn't trade Johnson or Adams
  2. Pick up Green?

    When the manager in my league with Green lost Brees - I offered Rodgers or R. Wilson and his choice of Fuller, Marquise Brown or C. Sutton for Green & got the big DECLINED! I wish I could get him for nothing
  3. Rodgers or Rivers as a #2 QB?

    I have Wilson & Rodgers as my QBs.. Both have same bye week and Rodgers hasn't been that great Someone cut Phillip Rivers /& he his KC on Wilson's bye week. Should I try to pick him up and drop Rodgers? Or is Rodgers going to get hot fantasy wise?
  4. Winston ROS?

    14 team league - I think I would add him unless your bench is lock down solid and you don't have a cut
  5. Trade Russell Wilson?

    Teams don't trade for QBs.. The week Big Ben & Brees went down, I tried offering Wilson or Rodgers to upgrade myself at WR and got nothing
  6. Goff??

    You are better off grabbing a week 11 match-up for Wilson's bye...
  7. Trade Kerryon for...

    Let's hope.. 17 points (1/2 PPR) from him gets me to 3-3 with the most points in league and my 2nd weekly high game. (I currently am ahead of every other team but one I am playing) If not - 2-4 with most points in league and in trouble It is hard to deal a true workhorse back who can catch a pass since there aren't many of them
  8. AB question.

    14-16 team league - I might consider, but not in a shallow league
  9. I have never Left spot open but........

    If you waiver wire isn't total barren on QBs - drop the 2nd QB last minute so no one can pick up this week
  10. Mike Evans or Keenan Allen?

    The guy picking before me took Allen - so I took next best WR - Evans.. I would throw in M. Sanders (my first non-flex RB) or a 2nd WR if he would swap now
  11. WAIVERS: Drake, Peterson, or Barber???

    Drake by a large margin
  12. opinion on these 3 trades

    Crap, OK, weak, but not collusion
  13. Need add/drop advice

    Drop Williams.. Unless you have mass injury run - he probably never starts for you
  14. AP or Drake this week

    By week 9-10 - - - Drake will be a must start in most leagues...
  15. Fantasy Football Heists

    My league allowing Russell Wilson to be the 13th QB off the board - round 10 (I was last to take QB & i took a different one before Wilson).. He is 2nd top scorer in my league of all players