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    Was 1-4 with 2nd high points in league... Now most points by 175 over 2nd best (220 over 3rd), have 6 high games of my 7 wins & I am sitting as the #4 seed for playoffs and have to play a wildcard round
  2. Scorned Owners....DND 2020

    I used to feel that way about Mike Evans because of his 1 catch week 9 & 0 catches week 10 in 2017 - lost both games by less than 5 points and missed playoffs by tie-breaker )head to head from week 10 loss) despite 2nd best total points... Drafted him anyways this season
  3. How many of us sat Guice today?

    Yes & also sat Sutton chose Miles Sanders & Drake as the two flex instead They are still 50/50 with him and Peterson so hard to trust
  4. Antonio Brown?

    So you replaced dead wood for someone you won't want to ever start
  5. Which 2 players are the most droppable?

    Drop Green... Next week drop Goedert
  6. Trade: Ripped off?

    I like Drake going forward but unless you were dead desperate for RB - you didn't make a good deal
  7. Defense This Week

    I am sitting SF for Cleveland this week.. I'd go Bills
  8. Which QB for playoffs?

    Cousins - he plays great against non-winning teams
  9. QB Help

    Allen is the best of the bad
  10. Keep or Drop Josh Gordon

    If they are your only options - hold onto Gordon and see what he does this wek
  11. Stashing Defenses for Playoffs (Week 15 and 16)

    In same situation except having fist round bye - I liked Packers most of that list (but Cleveland was on waiver which I grabbed)
  12. Decision for tonight

  13. Hilton or Parker?

  14. a KICKER question?

    I had to make a kicker pick-up & went with Myers