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  1. Which defense for week 14?

    Looking like I will make playoffs so looking ahead for week 14... I have SF defense but they play Brees and the Saints Should I grab either of these now for this future match-up or stick with the horse when week 14 comes around? Green Bay (home Washington) Cleveland (home Cincinnati)
  2. Waiver Wire Decisions

    Would you ever think about starting him? If so - drop a TE
  3. R.Wilson vs Phi or M.Ryan vs TB?

    Having Wilson - I see no reason barring an injury - not to run with him every week going forward and not even think about it... I cut my back-up
  4. Drop Latavius Murray for a Kicker?

    Drop a TE!!!
  5. Best Week 15/16 Streamers

    Miami has zero run game since Walton isn't coming back and their defense isn't good enough to shut anyone down so they should be throwing a lot... I'd consider adding Fitz
  6. Waiver order help!

    Have to put Samuels first so that way you have a starting RB if Conner is out
  7. Who should I drop? M.RYAN or A. MATTISON or other

    I decided Wilson was my starter and not being replaced - I cut Josh Allen and will go rest of season with one QB
  8. Waiver WR

    I'm hoping to grab Cleveland since they have Cin week 14... I wouldn't play Giants over NO week 15 or 16 .... I'd cut Giants & Ajayi and not crazy over any of those guys but I guess Washington & Gage
  9. Veto a trade question

    If a trade is fair - then it should be fine... A team who has nothing to play for though should morally not be making trades (if not keeper / dynasty)
  10. Trade for brees

    Is Brees going to be that much better than Allen going forward? Especially with SF as their week 14 (1st playoff most leagues) opponent? I'd consider cutting a player and adding a 2nd QB with good match-ups instead
  11. Could Lamar Be Benched if Ravens lock it up

    If your fantasy Super Bowl is week 17 - I'd worry.. With the bye week as a #1 or #2 seed - no coach is going to sit their QB for 3 weeks (week 17, they might just do like a pre=season game and play a couple series)
  12. Trade Advice: heavy trade before deadline

    stay with what you have
  13. DeVante Parker or Jamison Crowder?

    Love Parker rest of season... I think top 20 WR rest of season
  14. Sad Year for A Chargers Fan

    They deserve to always lose since they left San Diego..
  15. Start 1 - cut 1 for next week

    I'm going to assume Conner is not worth starting next week.... I need from these four - to start 1 at flex & to cut 1 because my K & TE are on byes (I'm going to cut Josh Allen as one - he covered Wilson's bye) 1/2 ppr Marquise Brown Kenyan Drake Miles Sanders Derrius Guice start 1 - cut 1.... Thank you
  16. Drop Miles Sanders?

    Unless you are desperate next couple weeks to get into playoffs - - - I'd hold onto Sanders as those guys don't seem like any upside.. Sanders could if Eagles coach used his brain
  17. Chiefs RBs

    Just like the Patriots have been for years - can't trust starting any of them
  18. QB help for next week, which one

    Josh has been putting up the running numbers - starthim
  19. How do I play this Brees - Jimmy G WDIS rest of season...

    Six of the first ten weeks - I started the wrong QB between Russell Wilson & Aaron Rodgers It is the danger of playing the 2 good QB game
  20. Kirk Cousins ???

    Impressed he has played well but in two years of being Minn QB - - - i believe the Cowboys are the only winning record team he has beaten.. Fantasy - fine... Real life, he needs to prove he can beat a good team
  21. Reset Password?

    The last 4 times I have went on this site - I have had to reset my password
  22. Playoff Sleeper

    Definite sleepers in 2 team leagues that only start 2 WRs
  23. Veto trade?

    That isn't even an attempt at hiding blatant collusion
  24. Week 12 BYE: Drop for kicker?

    7 WRs on roster when you can only start 3 max... Definitely cut 1 of them
  25. Which do I keep??

    I would trade the one that gets me the best RB - no matter which one