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  1. Drop Evans??

    I thought he was already known to be done for the year?
  2. Would you sit your defense??

  3. Coulda Woulda Shoulda

    Chose crowder over woods this week and cost me a playoff spot.
  4. Josh jacobs

    And don’t have Robert woods on your bench in a must win. Oh well, I didn’t want to make playoffs anyway.
  5. PPR D Westbrook or R Woods

    I like Woods myself, but am not basing it on anything but my gut. I have Crowder in now but really want to play Woods.
  6. Josh jacobs

    I have Barkley, Henry, Jacobs, and Williams. Need to pick 3.
  7. Darnold or cousins?

    I have same choice. Going w Darnold.
  8. Josh jacobs

    It's actually funny. Our commish said I am the unluckiest team he has ever seen in fantasy. One loss was when I had Will Fuller the week he scored 54, and at the last minute dumped him for a RB. Lost another game by .5, another game by 3, another by 4. And the other I went against my gut and benched a guy I shouldn't have. Also benched Darnold last week. I know a lot of teams can say this, but I am a few good moves from 11-1 or 10-2. Just hoping to make playoffs today.
  9. Josh jacobs

    My concern is Oakland's lack of play makers. Is renfrow out? If so, I think Oakland will have trouble keeping up. I think KC's d can bottle up Jacobs since no one else is really a threat. KC gets up fast and that's that. I decided to roll with Williams because I think Colts and Tenn keep it close. Of course, maybe this is why I am 4-7!
  10. Josh jacobs

    I'm also starting Williams over Jacobs. Tough call, but we're full PPR and I think, at home, KC is gonna blow this one up.
  11. PPR: woods or crowder

    full ppr King of wished I benched brown and started Woods and Crowder but whats done is done.
  12. PPR: woods or crowder

    Started j brown in place of Julio. who would you put at wr? Woods or crowder?
  13. Julio owners: starting him?

    Interesting. Everyone says start brown but I don’t love him. Was thinking julio and crowder/woods
  14. Julio owners: starting him?

    Probably 2 receivers this week. flex is a running back (Jacobs)
  15. Julio owners: starting him?

    I’m in a must win to make playoffs. falcons saying Julio will try to tough it out. John brown, Robert woods, crowder, and Julio are my receivers. would you risk it in a must win?