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  1. Miles Sanders or Waller? PPR

    I tend to lean towards running backs due to volume.
  2. 3-7 and need a win. Guy playing a person I need to lose is without kittle. My QBs are Carr and Goff Pros: I have Jared Cook, can't use Henry next week Cons Carr has a decent matchup on paper and if I do make playoffs no Henry. My gut says raiders get up and Carr has average game. But with Lattimore out, I think Winston has a big day and nice schedule
  3. Gonna roll with John Brown as my WR2. Had Crowder in flex all week but then today was wondering if Jones' volume and receiving ability makes him a safer flex play than Crowder.
  4. Trade Hunter Henry?

    Yeah I have been but he's been a tough move. I had an offer of Wentz and Melvin Gordon for him and I passed, kind of regret it. Thought about Saquon straight up for Mike Evans. I would have to toss in a WR though since she is starting him. Realistic Saquon trades: Owner who has made no secret he wants him bad has DJ Moore and Daniel jones as best options, maybe Mark Andrews and I Could turn around and trade him. Matt Ryan and Kennan Allen for him, but I wouldn't have Allen in a must win. Probably end up keeping him. It'll be Barkley, Henry, and Jacobs every week for me with WR depending on matchup.
  5. Trade Hunter Henry?

    Definitely. I lost 3 games by a total of less than four points and the other two I had guys on my bench who blew up and I stupidly sat them.
  6. Trade Hunter Henry?

    Thanks for the advice. I made a panic trade at 2-5 (which doesn't look as awful with Waller and Diggs falling off) but it's nice to get an objective view.
  7. Trade Hunter Henry?

    3-7 but still in it, trying to make a playoff run. Have a 3-7 and four 4-6 teams in front of me and just beat one of them and play three of them to close season. ROSTER: FULL PPR QB: Carr, Goff RB: Barkley, Jacobs, Henry, Coleman, Jones II, Hunt WR: J. Brown, Julio, Crowder, Woods TE: Henry, Cook K: Lutz D: Rams My team is not awful, so I could justify just playing it out too. I have Jared Cook on my bench and Hunter is off next week. Thinking of trading him in a package deal for a top flight receiver or Jameis Winston. We have three teams who are guaranteed playoffs but have weak tight ends, weakj receivers, or depth at WR. POTENTIAL TRADES: 1. Owner has Winston and Godwin. Thinking of a package for both: Barkley, Henry, WR for his 2. Barkley, Coleman/WR, and Henry for Melvin Gordon and Wentz (his team is in first but very weak at wr and te) 3. Henry for Charke/Golliday. Bit more of a gamble but I can't use Henry next week and have Cook for this week. 4. Henry for Winston Have had a lot of interest in Derrick Henry too. But I trust Barkley less ROS. Trying to pry Fournette and/or Mike Evans but don't know if she'll bite. Offered Barkley, Coleman, Woods, and Henry for Fournette and Evans. Thoughts.
  8. I think my team is well rounded for my championship run

    I'm the opposite. Saquon, Jacobs, Derrick Henry, Julio, Hunter henry...3-7 and fighting for my life!
  9. Do I have a Championship Team?

    I'd be worried about RB depth
  10. Week 11 WR/FLEX

    Most of my line up is set with guys you cannot sit. For my 2nd WR/Flex option I have John Brown, Jamison Crowder, Jared Cook, Kareem Hunt, or Ronald Jones. Pick two. I am leaning Brown and Cook, but Crowder is a tough sit. FULL PPR. Thoughts?
  11. Drop Goff?

    Have Derek Carr. Foles, Darnold, Brissett, Mayfield on waivers.
  12. Drop Goff?

    Have Derek Carr. Foles, Darnold, Brissett, Mayfield on waivers.
  13. Really thinking of trading Saquon...

    Would you trade Barkley straight up for Fournette or Zeke?
  14. Another trading Barkley question

    Yeah the owner of the team from #3 is odd. He peppers people with the most ridiculous offers. Said he hopes someone will click accept by accident. My concern w/ Barkley is even though he said he won't get shut down, I think the slightest bump or bruise and the Giants will have no choice. It's giving up a lot, but I thought about Barkley, Hunter Henry, Coleman, and Woods for Fournette and Evans. Then my ROS lineup, barring Injury, would be QB: Carr or Streamer RB: Henry RB: Fournette WR: Julio WR: Evans FLEX: Jacobs TE: J,. Cook or streamer K: Lutz D: ? Bench would be R Jones, Brown, Crowder, and some waiver guys Definitely admit I may be panicking and should let my team just play out.
  15. 3-7, finally won this week! ROSTER QB: Carr, Goff (may drop Goff) RB: Barkley, Coleman, Jacobs, Henry, R. Jones (waiver claim in for Hill) I am 1st so it's guaranteed WR: Julio, J. Brown, Woods, Crowder TE: Henry, Cook K: Lutz D: Rams Some "big" names on waivers: Westbrook, Foles, K. Hunt, Hill, Darnold, Parker, So my next three games (understanding no one can predict future) 1: Playing a 4-6 team. He will be without his Packers and Giants and has E. Sanders who is hurt. His team has some tough matchups too. 2: Playing 3-7 Team. She will be without her Cardinals, Vikings, and Chiefs 3: Playing 4-6 Team: He is down to Miles Sanders, Devonte Freeman, and Sony Michel as his only RBs Option 1 is stay put, cross fingers for matchups Potential Trades Realistically, these are my best options: 1. I may be able to move Barkley for Matt Ryan and Keenan Allen (but won't have Allen week 12) 2. Targeting Fournette and Mike Evans. Giving up a lot, but she needs a TE bad and is guaranteed a play off spot. I thought about Barkley, Coleman, Hunter Henry, and Robert Woods for Fournette and Evans. Maybe not all four, but pretty much any combination of players from me to get Fournette and Evans. 3. Was offered Daniel jones and Mixon/Montgomery and/or Fells/Andrews for Barkley. Maybe all three for one. So I guess what I have to decide is how much value does Barkley have going forward. I hate his O-line and usage, but he is still Saquon. Bye week to heal, but then Green Bay and Chicago. I feel like if I can land Fournette and Evans maybe do it, but not sure other options are worth it.