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  1. Should she start mahomes vs the Patriots or Russell Wilson against the Rams?
  2. 49ers play the saints this week
  3. Pick 1 QB to start

    Alright fingers crossed I'm goin with brees
  4. Pick 2 RBS

    Barkley, eckeler, and Freeman obviously I'm starting barkley even though its risky but uncertain about the other two?
  5. Pick 1 QB to start

    So your also leaning toward brees? All the experts are saying sit him and he'll be a bust. With it being the playoffs I'm just being really cautious.
  6. Pick 1 QB to start

    Against a tough 49ers? I thought Brady might have to pass against the cheifs and it be a shootout. Also, I thought Darnold might have it easy against the dolphins.
  7. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Sam Darnold, or Ryan Fitzpatrick
  8. I counted my spots wrong I actually need to set two not one ?
  9. I'm starting for sure cooper and Barkley
  10. Scary Terry or DEDE?

  11. Ekeler, Ronald Jones, calvin ridley, Jameson crowder, or devante parker?
  12. I almost think ekeler is more dependable than jones because of catches and most of the time getting a TD
  13. You don't think ekeler wouldn't be a good flex. His production has seemed to be going back up?