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  1. Which WR

    I just didnt know since dak has been weird this week and then cooper hadn't really been cooper. Where as perriman is the only guy besides the tight ends to throw to and Winston normally puts up big numbers
  2. Which WR

    Amari cooper or Breshad Perriman ?
  3. Should I start Cooper?

    That's what I was thinking too, just didn't know if it was worth sitting cooper over it
  4. I have to have three my other options are Emanuel Sanders, A.J. Brown, and devante parker. I know cooper is going to be covered by ramsey and he's not been 100% anyway.
  5. I also have amari cooper but just assume he's a every week starter. Do you think ramsey will shut him down this week and I should go a different direction?
  6. I have Emmanuel Sanders, A.J. Brown, and devante parker which two should I choose?
  7. Should she start mahomes vs the Patriots or Russell Wilson against the Rams?
  8. 49ers play the saints this week
  9. Pick 1 QB to start

    Alright fingers crossed I'm goin with brees
  10. Pick 2 RBS

    Barkley, eckeler, and Freeman obviously I'm starting barkley even though its risky but uncertain about the other two?
  11. Pick 1 QB to start

    So your also leaning toward brees? All the experts are saying sit him and he'll be a bust. With it being the playoffs I'm just being really cautious.
  12. Pick 1 QB to start

    Against a tough 49ers? I thought Brady might have to pass against the cheifs and it be a shootout. Also, I thought Darnold might have it easy against the dolphins.
  13. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Sam Darnold, or Ryan Fitzpatrick
  14. I counted my spots wrong I actually need to set two not one ?
  15. I'm starting for sure cooper and Barkley