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  1. Looks like EVERYONE was wrong about Boone

    Up 9 i got Daniel Boone Crosby Other team Diggs and A Jones last TD killing me. Fingers and toes crossed
  2. Standard. I have Kelce, Ant Miller, Boone and Crosby He: Aaron Jones at Minn Diggs vs G Bay
  3. Crosby or Jake Allen

    Opps yeah. Thanks
  4. Brees is garbage on grass...

    Hes killing me....
  5. Crosby or Jake Allen

    Whats your take? Crosby at minn on turf/dome is this game a shoot out? Allen home vs cowboys
  6. Should I steer clear of KIRK?

    Thanks. But u agree just cant take a chance making it this far and playing a guy injured all week?
  7. Kirk to play? But hate play a guy iffy all week. Great match up though... Slayton or A Miller is only options
  8. Need 2 standard. Kirk Mclaurin Slayton Ant Miller
  9. Any Kirk owners out here? Wha cha finna do

    U think I should bench Kirk. roll with Mclaurin and slayton.... Conley is out there. Anthony Miller. Gesicki. amendola.